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Can you match emoji goal to real thing? Footy fans love challenge to recreate goals using emojis

Football fans are going mad for a Twitter thread that has challenged them to describe their favourite goals – by only using emojis.

Twitter account Mundial asked its followers to describe their favourite goals in symbols and to post them on a thread.

The challenge has been met with a huge response with many people using emojis to describe their favourite.

People have used emojis of faces, flags, direction arrows and minutes to give people clues as which goal is their favourite.

Archie Gemmill’s goal against the Dutch during the 1978 World Cup

Mundial tweeted saying “Describe your favourite goal using only emoji.”

Such fan favourites include Archie Gemmill’s solo effort against The Netherlands, Gazza’s Euro 96 screamer against Scotland and Maradona’s ‘hand of god’ in the 1986 World Cup against England.

Gemmill’s goal is described by a Scotland flag emoji followed by a direction arrow facing North West. A dutch flag then follows with another direction arrow this time curving North.

Gazza’s amazing solo effort in Euro 96 against the Scots

Another Dutch flag follows with a direction arrow facing North East thereafter. Then comes a peanut, a Dutch flag and a direction arrow curving North, before a football, a bang, and goal emoji follow in that order.

Gazza’s Euro 96 winner is described by a face emoji with blonde hair followed by an English flag and a pint emoji to illustrate the famous dentist chair celebration.

Diego Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’

A chicken leg and fishing rod emoji is followed by football and goal, with a Scottish flag and the numbers 96 to accompany it.

Some professional football clubs have been getting involved as Tottenham Hotspur and Dunfermline Athletic have taken up the challenge.

Even Tottenham Hotspur got involved in the fun

Spurs tweeted: “A #FlashbackFriday to remember from our next opponents” as the picked a goal scored by their superstar Son Heung-Min.

Dunfermline Athletic got involved by tagging ex-footballer Martin Hardie as they described his famous strike against local rivals Raith Rovers.

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