Wednesday, August 10, 2022
NewsActor charged £9 by Ryanair for "too big" bag sneaks case onboard...

Actor charged £9 by Ryanair for “too big” bag sneaks case onboard and fits it in overhead locker

A SCOTTISH actor told by Ryanair his bag was “too big” for the cabin managed to sneak the case on board – where it fitted easily in the overhead locker.

Iain Johnstone was charged 10 Euros (£9) to put his cabin bag in the hold and told to hand it over at the bottom of the aircraft steps.

But when no-one collected the case, Iain decided to take it on board where he stowed it in an overhead compartment without difficulty and took a picture as proof.

The case was originally put in the overhead locker before being moved

Iain, whose career has included work with the Royal Shakespeare Company and National Theatre of Scotland, suggested the airline had a “licence to print money”.

He tweeted: “Just paid ten euros to Ryanair at Nice Airport – told that the case was too big for the overhead locker, then informed that a member of staff would take tagged case at the bottom of aircraft steps.

“No staff there so took case aboard and placed it easily into locker.

Iain Johnstone posted a picture showing his case clearly put away

“Licence to print money?”

Ryanair controversially changed its cabin baggage policy recently, meaning passengers only avoid charges if they taken on one small case which fits under the seat in front of them.

Passengers who want to take a larger case into the cabin must now pay £6 if they book at the time.

Some social media users hit out at the company

Iain’s post struck a chord with many passengers.

Louisa Freestone responded : “Ryanair tried to charge me £40 to check my bag last week, after talking to the customer service woman for all of 5 minutes she got fed up and said, ‘Just take it through, you don’t have to pay until December anyway’.”

Another Twitter user said: “If I can I will always chose @easyJet.”

One user reacted strongly to the post by telling Iain the space was not just for him

Another user said: “Any comment @Ryanair? And will you be refunding this customer you ripped off?”

Another Twitter user commented: “Their baggage policy is a joke and a disgrace. They’ve been getting away with cheap tricks for far too long.”

Vernon Kay said: “Haha. They are so s***.”

One user suggested that the case might be outwith size regulations

However, others questioned whether Iain had proved anything at all.

Janet Symington commented: “Isn’t that locker supposed to take lots of other passengers’ bags though, not just yours? Surely it’s not just about yours fitting in?”

Another Twitter user said: “May fit in the locker but does it conform to the size regulations stipulated on your booking- probably not looking at it!”

Another social media user explained how the company tried to charge her

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