Friday, July 1, 2022
News"You'd think it's an apocalypse" Moment frantic shoppers battle to get at...

“You’d think it’s an apocalypse” Moment frantic shoppers battle to get at bargains in reduced aisle

HILARIOUS footage shows manic shoppers battling to get at goods in the reduced aisle after it is filled up with multiple cretes.

The video, which was taken by Marcus Steel, shows Asda shoppers in Toryglen, Glasgow, scrabbling for the items seconds after they are placed on the shelves.

The clip, which was uploaded last Wednesday, has been viewed more than a million times with Facebook users loving the shoppers enthusiasm for a bargain.

Asda workers are initially seen filling up the shelves with eight crates of reduced goodies.

One of the workers can be seen speaking to people, who are swarmed around her, possibly asking them for patientice as she fills up the shelves.

Once she finishes, the stampede of shoppers can be seen gathering round the shelf, with everyone trying to grab a bargain.

The shoppers are videoed surrounding the reduced section

As the worker walks away, she can be seen exhaling heavily in relief.

Marcus can be heard laughing at this point saying: “Brilliant.”

The footage then shows around ten shoppers filling up their baskets and trollies with the various goods.

The hilarious battle is recorded as items are pulled from the shelf frantically

Some items even spill onto the floor as shoppers are soon seen scrambling on the ground for the items.

A crate from the shelf then falls onto the floor with all its contents being snapped up by the fiesty shoppers..

As the clip ends, one woman is seen going up to Marcus and saying, “put it on the Facebook,” to which he replies, “Aye too right I will.”

Marcus Steel posted the clip online, generating huge responses

Thomas Fleming Milligan said: “Is that you at the back waiting to pounce Marcus.”

Michelle Madden said: “Brilliant have to share this.”

Sharon Julia Mars commented: “It’s like flies around s***.”

Some users had fun in the comments

Darren McGlinchey said: “F****** hell.”

Louise Mathieson commented: “Savages ffs you’d think it’s an apocalypse! Tramps.”

The reduction section in supermarkets have comically been named the “whoopsie aisles” referencing how Asda have the phrase “whoops” on their reduced stickers.

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