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NewsTrainspotting author brands Parcelforce "Parcelfarce" after driver returns to depot without knocking

Trainspotting author brands Parcelforce “Parcelfarce” after driver returns to depot without knocking

TRAINSPOTTING author Irvine Welsh has branded Parcelforce as “Parcelfarce” after a delivery driver stuck a card through his door while he was home.

The Scottish author went online to rant about the “impressive nonsense” of delivery drivers who take packages away without bothering the ring the doorbell.

Welsh, 60, is believed to have suffered the common consumer bugbear at his home in Miami, Florida, when Parcelforce Worldwide tried to make a delivery.

Parcelforce Worldwide confirmed today that they are investigating the matter “internally” and will take “appropriate action”.

Irvine Welsh

He posted yesterday: “Love the way Parcelforce put a card through your door when you’re at home, without ringing the bell, telling you they can’t deliver your package but you can collect it at the depot (whereabouts that is the card doesn’t say.)”

He added “Pretty impressive nonsense” before writing the hashtag “Parcelfarce”.

Welsh’s post prompted numerous customers worldwide to share their own experiences.

@matthew_maddock, from Stamford, Lincolnshire, added: “That’s happened to me a few times. I even ran after the postie and asked for the parcel. He didn’t even have it. No apology or explanation.”

@JohnShenton1892, from Western Australia, said: “Did it to me here in Perth. The nearest depot was 37km away.”

@paddybah, from East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, wrote: “Trained in the ways of the Ninja.They silently deposit the “you were out” card and, undetected, they slip away. Unheard by you, unseen by neighbours.”

Parcelforce apologised to Welsh for the inconvenience caused to him

Other users decided to share their experiences with different delivery companies.

@dannycraigie, from Manchester, wrote: “Royal Fail don’t even try. I’ve been sat in the house many times and got the card. The queue at the depot is proof enough. Sh**e.

@romannosaint, from Blyth Bridge, Scottish Borders, added: “Not just parcel force, DPD_UK did the exact same thing to me last week.

“Redelivered the next day and somehow the parcel was miraculously small enough to be posted through my letter box without me having to sign for it.

“Don’t you just love couriers?”

@deangriffiths, who does not disclose where he is from, added: “Better than Yodel mate, they just chuck your parcel behind the nearest bush and hope you find it.

@_curious_one, from Leicestershire, said: “At least it wasn’t Hermes who like to sling your parcel over the back gate breaking the item you bought.

Parcelforce Worldwide quickly replied to Welsh, writing: “Hello Irvine, I’m disappointed to hear this.

“Please can I take your parcel number and a telephone number so I can have the depot investigate this asap? My apologies for the inconvenience caused.”

Welsh thanked the customer service agent and provided the parcel number for his delivery, writing “Eh…thank you Sarah, but no to my phone number. Parcel number is PB1(or l) X0 (or O) 0 (or O) 957990 (or O) 0 (or O)1.”

That prompted one person to allege the company responded differently to “famous people” and ordinary people.

@e_chef_music, from “Scotland”, posted: “Love how these courier companies respond to famous people and ignore the rest of us.”

Last year it was reported that two thirds of online shoppers have had parcels lost, damaged or arrived late according to a survey conducted by Citizens Advice.

A frequent complaint is customers waiting at home for a parcel only to receive a note saying they were out when the delivery driver called.

However, the most common complaint received by Citizens Advice were parcels being left in rubbish bins.

A spokeswoman said: “We will be investigating this matter internally and taking appropriate action.

“This is a rare occurrence and all of our employees are regularly reminded of the high standards expected of them.

“We are trying to get in touch with the customer today to express our apologies and to resolve the issue.

“Parcelforce Worldwide would like to sincerely apologise for not delivering the high quality service our customers expect and deserve on this occasion.

“If anyone has concerns about their parcel delivery they should contact the Parcelforce Worldwide customer service team on 0344 800 4466.”

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