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MP posts ‘best Twitter put down ever’ after troll says she makes him ‘instantly think, lesbian’

A FIREBRAND Scottish MP has been credited with the best Twitter put down ever after a troll mentioned her sexuality.

A twitter user called @JamesThornhill told 24-year-old Mhairi Black last night (wed): “When I look at you I instantly think, lesbian.”

Black, who says being a gay woman makes her a Westminster outsider, responded seven minutes later: “Inspiring observational skills you have James. I’m willing to wager that when straight women see you they think nothing at all.”

The blistering riposte from the Nationalist member for Paisley and Renfrewshire South, prompted hundred of admiring comments.

The initial tweet Mhairi received

@srcmadethis wrote: “This is the best response I have ever seen on Twitter.”

Another added: “The only way to deal with the intellectually challenged. Proud of this woman.”

Another said: “When I look at you Mhairi, I think ‘Legend’.”

“Well said Mhairi, there’s a tool out there looking for his tool box. Yours is the best put down yet,” wrote an admirer.

Black’s comeback tweet was the ‘best response ever’ on Twitter

And another user commented: “Booooom! Put that in yer tiny wee pipe and smoke it James!”

“As a straight woman looking at James, makes me wonder if I got on the right bus,” wrote yet another.

Others posted appropriate visuals, including the Obama “mic drop”.

@JamesThornhill is a prolific user of Twitter, having sent out 77,900 messages since joining in September 2010.

He tells his 626 followers in his jokey “bio”: “I’m not saying anything without speaking to my solicitor…”

One user took a picture of his statement and wrote: “If only James had listened to his own advice…”

Mhairi has openly spoke about her sexuality and what it’s like being a gay woman in Westminster

Another tweeter said: “He should have listened to his Twitter bio.”

Earlier this year, Black hit the headlines for calling out her Twitter trolls in the Commons during a debate about misogynistic abuse – in which she became the first MP to say c*** in parliament.

On another occasion she appeared to tell a government minister in the Commons: “You talk s***e, hen”.

In a 2016 interview, Black spoke out about her sexuality and what it is like as a gay woman in Westminster.

“I’m young, female, gay, I’m SNP. We’re hardly the most popular down in Westminster. But even when I’m there, I’m taken aback by – in the first instance, how patronising some folk were, and in the second instance how sexist people were.”

Mhairi Black has been the youngest MP in the Commons since being elected in 2015 when she replaced Labour’s Douglas Alexander who had been an MP since Black was three years old.

Her maiden speech in parliament went viral after she heavily criticised the Conservative government and was praised for her views on benefit sanctions and the budget.

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