Friday, May 20, 2022
NewsGrave of stillborn ransacked for marble headstone that had been in family...

Grave of stillborn ransacked for marble headstone that had been in family for over a century

HEARTLESS thieves have taken the marble headstone from the grave of a stillborn baby that had been in the tragic tot’s family for more than a century.

Siobohn Gasson lost her daughter, also Siobohn, in 2010 and her grave was marked with a marble garden ornament that had belonged to the baby’s great-great-great grandmother.

But Siobhan, 36, learned to her horror on Friday that the marble, engraved with baby Siobohn’s name and dates, had been stolen from Blackley Cemetery, Manchester.

What the grave previously looked like

Little Siobohn, mum Siobohn’s second baby, was stillborn, full-term in January 2010.

Siobohn, who served in the Army, took to social media to appeal for the return of the marble, writing: “Please can people keep a lookout for anyone selling a marble headstone.

“Someone has stolen my baby daughter’s and I’m absolutely heartbroken. It means nothing to others, but everything to me and my family. Thank you.”

Photos show the marble in place at the grave and decorated with flowers. A later picture shows the grave looking bare following the theft.

What baby Siobohn’s grave now looks like

On social media, Francesca Louise said: “How can somebody be so cruel.”

Karen Casey Cavanagh commented: “That is sick and cruel. Hope you sort it soon.”

Sue Connett said: “Disgusting! How awful for this poor family.”

Winnie P Ward said: “I’m heart broken for you. Oh my Lord, God, please return the headstone to this poor woman and bless her family. Amen.”

Siobohn said she was “heartbroken” to find the headstone had been stolen

Siobohn says she had not bothered the theft to police because she feels it would be “pointless”.

She said: “I’m totally heartbroken, it’s brought everything back to me from when I lost her.

“Since her headstone has been stolen I feel like I have nothing left of hers. Feel numb, sick, I just can’t believe what has happened.

“You hear about graveyards getting vandalised from time to time, but I never thought that someone would do this to me.

“I pray that someone will see something or knows something and returns it.”

Greater Manchester Police have asked the public to always report crime.

Superintendent Umer Khan, of GMP’s City of Manchester borough, said: “We remain committed to delivering the highest standards of policing for the people of Greater Manchester with the resources we have.

“It is vital that the public continue to report all crime and share information and intelligence with police, so that we can work together and create safer communities.

“This is a particularly heinous crime, and I would ask that this is reported to police as soon as possible to allow us an opportunity to fully investigate, support the victim, and find those responsible.

“Please ensure to report crimes in the correct way. In an emergency call 999, in a non-emergency or to report an incident that has already happened ring 101, or use the LiveChat function on the GMP website.”

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