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News"That's why men hit women" Kay Burley reveals misogynistic email following spat...

“That’s why men hit women” Kay Burley reveals misogynistic email following spat with Brexiteer MP

TV host Kay Burley has received a shocking email claiming her on-screen behaviour is the reason “why men hit women”.

Brexiteer MP for Monmouth David Davies was kicked off a Sky News debate yesterday (mon) after Burley accused him of being “patronising”.

Today Burley tweeted an image of a disturbing email she had received as a result of the spat.

She posted: “This was in my inbox this morning. This is why men hit women.”

Kay Burley received the following email from a viewer.

The message, titled “[External] David Davies. Today at 02:30” read: “I’ve seen the longer version of this video, the one with the loud-mouthed, finger wagging women who wouldn’t let David Davies speak.

“The victim was then asked to leave the set by feminazis presenter. This is why men hit women.” The message, according to Burley’s post, was signed Dave Neve.

Many users expressed disgust at the message, including David Haigh, a lawyer and ex-managing director of Leeds United FC, said: “This is shocking. I would be inclined to publish his email address too. Not just the email. Keyboard ‘warrior /troll’.”

@rydmorgan wrote: “Disgraceful person, keep up the good ‘fight’ Kay.

Twitter users were disgusted with what Burley was sent

@trustthelizard wrote: “It’s scary how these intense national debates very quickly express themselves as misogyny, racism and xenophobia. Every time.”

@jayar1947 added: “I disagree with Kay Burley at times but that comment justifying violence against women is totally unacceptable.

“Social media can be so nasty in allowing flash hatred to stir primeval urges. Try evolution mate.”

@GovoritLuka branded the message “Disgusting. What a low life” but added: “It still doesn’t mean that the interview was handled well though. It was awful to watch.”

Others condemned the message but claimed Burley could have handled the debate better.

@JamieSF86 wrote: “This is right but perhaps you should learn how to debate. Not just finger waving and constantly talking over someone.

“You and the presenter are a disgrace. I would have walked away and said I will debate once you have learned how to.”

@orbsdurham added: “Even though I thought the situation was wrongly handled there is no excuse to hit anyone. Having a finger wagged is incredibly rude mind you.”

During the debate, Davies turned to Remainer MP Anna Turley and presenter Kay Burley and said: “You carry on, I’ll check my phone while you have your little chat. He then pulled his mobile phone out of the suit pocket.”

David Davies was kicked off the programme

Burley responded: “Don’t be patronising. That is completely unacceptable. Please don’t talk to her like that.”

Davies replied: “I am not being patronising but I can’t get a word in edgeways here.”

Burley said: “Please don’t talk to her in that fashion, it is not acceptable.

He then repeats his complaint of being unable to get a “word in” before the Sky News presenter tells him he had been given his fair share of air time

An irritated Davies then buttons up his suit jacket and says: “Ok, you two carry on.”

Burley then takes the opportunity to usher Davies of the set, shakes his hand and says: “Thanks for joining us, we really appreciate it.”

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