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Is It Worth Starting a Local Business as a University Student in the UK?


No matter how good your grades are, finding a job after graduation can be a huge challenge. It’s a global issue with no clear solution in sight. It is why so many students – especially in the UK – are starting to take matters into their own hands and looking for more entrepreneurial solutions to the problem.

There are a few drawbacks to the idea of starting a business, though. Brick and mortar businesses are expensive to start up and often require either investors or the ready availability of funds that the average college student just doesn’t have. It makes setting up shop locally areal challenge. There are ways to minimize overhead and get a local business off the ground. If you have the drive – and the right information – it is a workable proposition, even with no capital to invest. Having your own business also looks great when applying to graduate schools, especially if you plan to get your MBA. Let’s look at a few of the options for starting a low-cost, high-profit business and what it takes to get each of them up and to run.

#1: Tutoring Services

Students with consistently high grades in all areas of their academic disciplines are prime candidates for starting freelance tutoring businesses. You can keep the focus on your own college campus or branch out to neighboring colleges and even high schools looking for prospective clients.

#2: Physical Labor Services

Any area where you have specialized talents and skills can be parlayed into a profitable business that can be scheduled around classes and other responsibilities. House cleaning, simple home repairs,bicycle repair, residential moving, and courier services are just a few ideas.

#3: Copywriting

Copywriting is a lucrative freelancing option that can be focused on local clients or expanded to serve a global client base.Some possibilities for local writing jobs include networking with other local businesses and offering blog writing, social media management, and marketing email writing services. Numerous online courses teach the ins and outs of copywriting and how to be successful at it.  

One particularly lucrative niche in the world of copywriting is academic writing. Can you take a literary analysis outline and build an entire term paper around it? If so,this is an excellent area of copywriting to investigate further. There are also many UK students who would love to collaborate with an actual British essay writing service like this one. So, if your writing skills are above average,and there is plenty of money to be made at this.

#4 – Graphic Design

Students pursuing art and design degrees often opt to work as freelance graphic designers. It is another freelancing option that is easy to market to local businesses. Many haven’t updated their logos or branding in years and could use a fresh perspective that can help drive business and attract a younger demographic. You also have the option of working with a global client base and make money at this from the comfort of home or the dorm.

Marketing Your Services

The best way to let people know about your business is to establish three key things: a website, a blog, and a presence on social media. Having all three in place positions you well for marketing your services to a broad audience. It also tells prospective clients that you are serious and knowledgeable about your business.

All of the above ideas are worthwhile ventures and can earn college students great money while still in school. They can also be expanded into much larger, more lucrative enterprises later. We encourage you to assess all the options and find a business idea that best suits your interests, education, and skills.