Saturday, May 28, 2022
NewsCommunity"Absolutely useless!" Dog handler unimpressed as PD Brock swims "like a T-Rex"

“Absolutely useless!” Dog handler unimpressed as PD Brock swims “like a T-Rex”

A POLICE dog handler has shared hilarious footage of his pooch throwing up fountains of water as it tries to swim.

The unnamed handler says “absolutely useless” as Police Dog Brock thrashes about in the pond like a canine paddle steamer.

The Devon and Cornwall Police crimebuster has even been sarcastically compared by the force with human swimming legend Michael Phelps.

One viewer claimed the dog’s swimming style was walking on his back legs while doing a T-Rex impression with his front legs.

The clip was posted to PD Brock’s Twitter page yesterday (tues) with the caption: “He’s like a young Michael Phelps gliding through the water.”

The footage shows PD Brock happily diving in to a pond in Torbay, Devon.

But Brock’s aquatic skills go downhill from there as he employs a peculiar and very inefficient paddling motion that throws huge amounts of water into the air.

On top of that PD Brock doesn’t seem to know where he wants to go as he constantly changes direction whilst swimming in the puddle.

His handler can be heard intoning “absolutely useless” as Brock makes for the bank.

Among tens of thousands of people to view the clip was Skillsguiding, who wrote: “Haha haha as graceful as a swan.”

Char0306 added: “I can’t stop watching this stealth mode is not your thing boy.”

GoCanucksGo666 wrote: “Made me laugh but I can see the the likeness… Phelps eat your heart out!”

BethFootForward said: “He’s not really swimming, he’s walking on his back legs and doing a T-Rex impression with his front legs isn’t he.”

Some have even offered swimming advice.

DuthieLaura76 said: “Now that’s doggy paddle! Tell him to keep paws at water level… bend knees a bit more! – yes I used to be a swimming teacher.”

Celebrities have even noticed PD Brock’s swimming technique.

TV Presenter Suzi Perry shared the video saying “me swimming” and then wished the German Shepherd “all the best.”

Double Commonwealth champion swimmer Hannah Miley also retweeted the video.

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