Baffling moment car salesman crashes newly-sold vehicle head-on into £35k taxi


DRAMATIC footage shows the moment a car salesman loses control and has a head-on crash – in a vehicle he had just sold.

The hapless Toyota worker had refueled the newly-sold car at a garage next door when he bungled a right turn and wrote off a £35,000 taxi.

The clip recorded by taxi driver Nicholas Carey shows the Toyota Yaris turn right in front of him before veering into the wrong lane.

The footage captures the moment the cars collide, causing the airbags in the Volkswagon taxi to deploy.

The bizarre incident happened in Canterbury, Kent, this April but Nicholas decided to release the footage after learning the salesman would not face any motoring charges.

Nicholas, 34, said today: “I think they had just sold the car and they were filling it up with petrol from the station next door.

Nicholas’s brand new car was written off

“I was just surprised and shocked as I couldn’t too much about it. You certainly don’t see too many videos like this.

“No one was prosecuted, it certainly looked like careless driving to me. You wouldn’t do that normally.

“The car was a write-off, £35,000 and I had only got the van a few months before.”

Motorline Toyota Canterbury said they did everything to help Nicholas at the time

A spokesman said: “It was an unfortunate accident that happened on a very busy stretch of  road and has since been taken care of by our insurance company.

“The driver, who no longer works for us, reported losing control of the vehicle, and whilst any accident is unwelcome, we are pleased to say that no one was hurt in the incident.

“At the time, we did all we could to assist the driver, who we invited into the showroom to make a call and have a hot drink, however, he made the decision to the return to his vehicle to wait for his vehicle to be collected.”

The video begins with Nicholas, ironically on his way to a VW garage with the service manager as his passenger, passing the Toyota garage on Broad Oak Road.

Suddenly, as his VW Shuttle begins to pass the Esso garage,a little red car pulls out of a junction.

The car pulls into the correct lane but then bizarrely swerves into the path of Nicholas.

The two then crash head on, and the screen begins to fill up with smoke.
Through the smoky screen the red car appears to reverse back and then drive into Nicholas once again before the footage eventually stops.

Among those to view the clip online was Alex Haines, who wrote: “F****** hell! I jumped in my seat!”

Rich P San Pearson said: “You gotta be kidding. What the hell was he looking at?”

James Ellis said: “What the actual f*** was the driver doing.”

John Meugens said: “My god, how? Why? No idea? Hope all those are safe, yet sad on those that are laughing, until it happens to you.”

Jon Mumbo said: “How, literally just how!”

A spokeswoman for Kent Police said: Kent Police was called to a report of a two-vehicle collision in Broad Oak Road, Canterbury at 4.23pm on Tuesday 3 April 2018.

“Officers attended the scene where the road was closed for around 20 minutes whilst the vehicles were recovered. No injuries were reported.”