VIDEO Shocking moment delivery man hurls packages in to a heap in back of Hermes van


SHOCKING video shows a delivery driver hurling parcels into the back of a Hermes van.

The parcels and packages are forcibly thrown into the vehicle, regardless of their shape or size, creating a chaotic heap in the back.

The clip was filmed on Friday in Edinburgh by Ryan Shaw, who was so shocked by what he saw both he and his boss challenged the driver, who laughed off the matter.

Ryan, an 18-year-old apprentice joiner, also claims that one of the packages was marked “fragile” although he did not capture this on video.

The van, which is clearly marked “Hermes”, was parked in Elm Row, close to the city centre.

The delivery man can be seen in Ryan’s video throwing packages in a frisbee motion to the back of the van.

Ryan, filming from inside his own works van, winds down the window to get a clearer view.

The man can be seen throwing a large box with two hands to the other side of the van.

Packages can be seen piled up in a huge mess into the top left of the van with the man continuing to roughly throw them up the back of it.

Ryan captioned his post: “Hope no one’s expecting a delivery from Hermes today.”

Calvin Neill responded: “Shambles of a company.”

Chelsea Leigh Paul commented: “That’s a f****** joke. No need whatsoever. I would report him too.”

Kim Rice commented: “Hate them!”

Alex Roma said: “This just made my blood boil.”

Amanda Spiers said: “Why no get out the van and approach the f***? I certainly would have. What a d***.”

Adele Ford said: “F****** shocking the way he’s flinging them about.”

Speaking today, Ryan, from Edinburgh, said he found the man’s actions “shocking”.

He said: “When we went past him and told him he shouldn’t be doing that, he just smiled and laughed.

“One of the boxes were marked fragile on it, so it could have been a TV or anything.”