Baffling moment lazy motorist uses pedestrian walkway to exit shopping centre


BIZARRE video shows a bone idle motorist using a pedestrian walkway to leave a shopping centre rather than drive a few hundred metres.

The driver goes over a pedestrian crossing and then straddles a pavement where he is forced to wait anyway for baffled motorists to let them out.

The incident was captured by HGV driver Peter Waterworth at Croft Retail Park in Bromborough, Merseyside earlier this month.

Peter, 39, uploaded the video to a closed Facebook group saying “Still can’t work out why this guy did this?”

The video shows the silver car reversing out of a parking space and turning right towards the entrance of the KFC drive thru.

The Ford Focus then begins to use the drive thru before turning left onto the pavement.

The Ford Focus initially looks like it was about to use the drive thru

The Ford Focus waits on the pavement for another driver to let them on to the road, but is left stranded for a number of seconds. Peter can be heard saying in the video: “I don’t think you’re meant to do that somehow.”

A car eventually allows the Ford to enter the road.

The Ford Focus then drives off as if nothing had happened and drives towards a mini roundabout within the retail park. Peter says: “See that kerb there, it means it’s not a f exit point.”

The Ford Focus then turns right left on to a pedestrian walkway

The video has baffled people in the comments.

One commenter said: “ Haha what a plant pot.”

Another added: “He did it because he could. Why weren’t there any bollards in place to prohibit vehicles doing that?”

The Ford Focus lats stranded on the pavement for 15 seconds

One commenter wrote: “Pure laziness.”

However,one commenter felt that this probably saved a huge amount of time.

They said: “We laugh and are astonished but to be honest, he probably got out much quicker than those to the left of that roundabout. I really hate that car park.”

Questions arise as to whether it was a shortcut after all

However, HGV driver Peter today said that the shortcut wasn’t worth the hassle.

He said: “I’d like to say I’m surprised, but not much does that these days. My thoughts were more question as to whether it was a shortcut to miss traffic exiting the retail park or if he was confused.

“They probably saved a few seconds, if that.”