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NewsMystery OAP returns with Christmas gift for baby he met six months...

Mystery OAP returns with Christmas gift for baby he met six months earlier while asking directions

A MUM has melted hearts online by revealing how an elderly stranger returned to give her baby a Christmas present – six months after knocking on the door to get directions.

Robyn Gordon answered the door during the summer to find a “lil old man” trying to find the address of a friend in her street.

The man, known only as Ray, aged about 70, and believed to be a former teacher, asked to see Robyn’s baby before going on his way.

Robyn, from Pemberton, Greater Manchester, thought nothing more about it until Thursday last week when Ray returned to put an envelope through her door.

Robyn and her baby boy, LJ

Robyn was reduced to tears after finding inside £40 cash and a hand-written note telling her to get something for her son, LJ, 11 months.

She posted on Facebook: “About 5/6 months ago a lil old man was looking for a house number so I helped him and showed him where it was.

“He wanted to look at the baby so I showed LJ to him, he absolutely loved him.

“He’s just knocked on my door to see how he was doing! What an absolute gentleman!

“He took his hat off when I answered the door and said I’m just wondering how the little man is doing you might not remember me but I’ve been thinking about him.

“This fella is called Ray, roughly around 70 years old and he’s an absolute gem!

“I’m sat crying of how thoughtful, he gave me a kiss on the cheek and said I hope you are keeping well and have a Merry Christmas.”

Ray returned a little while later, put his envelope through the door, and walked away.

Robyn posted an image of the note, which read: “Hi. Here’s a little present to the little lad. Open a bank account if you wish or buy him a little something!

“Christmas is a time for giving. I hope your mum is well.

“Ray. (Brenda’s friend).”

Ray left £40 for Robyn’s son as a Christmas present

Robyn revealed that Ray went to a neighbour in the street to get an envelope so that he could post his gift.

Speaking today Robyn said: “I was sat on my couch and I saw his hand come through my letterbox and drop the envelope. He knocked on the door and walked away.

“I’ve opened the envelope and I was in shock as I just saw the money and thought someone must have got the wrong address.

“I read the letter that he had wrote and I broke down into tears.

“I’ve been going through a hard time and this really touched me of how thoughtful he could be to my son.”

Reacting to the posts online, Facebook user Patricia Battersby said: “There are some wonderful people out there old school who join in others lives for the better. So happy for LJ.”

Joann Bolton wrote: “Aw how lovely. It’s nice to be nice.”

Eunice Cadman commented: “I remember him. I was talking to him, he was looking for a lady in your row. Think he said he used to be a teacher.”

Molly Hargreaves said: “Omg how nice is that!! Bless his heart.”

Earlier this week it was revealed that an elderly man who passed away in October had left a stash of 14 years’ worth of Christmas presents for his neighbour’s daughter in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan.

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