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Student diagnosed with brain cancer at 18 gets best Xmas present – an all-clear from doctors

A STUDENT who was diagnosed with a large malignant brain tumour at the age of 18 has just received the best-possible Christmas present – the all-clear from medics.

Shannon Raine underwent nine hours of surgery, seven weeks of radiotherapy and 10 months of chemotherapy during her 14-month battle.

And despite doctors having to leave around 15% of the tumour inside her skull, she learned last week that she is now cancer-free.

Shannon just received the best-possible Christmas present – the all-clear from medics.

Shannon, from Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, can now look forward to the festive season rather than undergoing yet more chemo over Christmas.

Shannon, 20, was about to start a PE teaching course at Edinburgh Napier University when she suffered what doctors at first thought was a stroke.

Further investigation revealed a tumour in her brain but surgery was needed to establish if the growth was malignant.

She underwent the operation the day before her 19th birthday in September last year. Doctors had to leave 15% of the tumour behind because of the risk of causing paralysis and a few weeks later confirmed the growth was cancerous.

Shannon had to undergo nine hour surgery

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy followed with the latter only ending on November 21.

Shannon was warned that depending on the latest tests she could face chemotherapy over the Christmas period.

But she posted on Twitter last week: “14 months ago I was told I had a large malignant tumour within my brain! I underwent 9 hours of surgery, 7 weeks of radiotherapy & 10 months of chemotherapy! Today I was given the news I am cancer free and now in remission!”

Speaking today Shannon said: “I am absolutely over the moon with the news that I have the all clear.

“I actually went to the appointment on my own. I said to my family, go to work, do whatever and after I found out I came home.

“The consultant said, do you want the good news or the bad news, and I asked for the bad news first, and they said: ‘You won’t be seeing me for a while’.

“I was so excited.”

She added: “I’m really looking forward to getting my energy back up and returning to some form of normality in January.

“The diagnosis was such a shock. I was supposed to be starting up university at Edinburgh Napier and that had to be put on hold and I had so many girls’ holidays planned that year.

“My operation was the day before my birthday, so it wasn’t a good one but I made up for it this year and I’m excited to celebrate christmas and new year.

“I’m not sure what I’m going to do next, I don’t think I am able to do PE teaching anymore, because I don’t know if I will be physically able to but I have been considering going to do nursing or something because of everything I’ve experienced.

“A lot has changed for me.”

Shannons news now has over 28,000 likes on Twitter, with many users wishing her a well and happy christmas.

A woman called Linsey Devlin wrote: “Awwww Shannon that’s the best news and best Christmas present ever.”

Shannons news was heavily celebrated on Twitter, a user called Dx wrote: “Great news and Happy Xmas!”

Aaron McCulloch wrote: “Warrior…. Huge well done and I hope you recover fully.”

Others shared their own experiences with her in the replies.

A user called Dave wrote: “Well done Shannon! (it hasn’t quite done with me yet) – but am so chuffed (and a bit uplifted – just a tad) for someone (especially young like yourself – I was 27 when dx with Leukaemia), Kick its arse! You go girl!

Eddie Boinski wrote: “Amazing! My mum recently beat skin cancer… so f* cancer and have an awesome Christmas!”

Jayne O’Toole wrote: “Well done, going through chemo now for a brain tumour. You are amazing xx”

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