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What you Need to Know about WebTrader


Online trading platforms offer the convenience of trading anytime and anywhere you can access internet. There are, however, still areas that can be improved on as the online trading phenomenon grows. Each platform designer seeks to identify and address such hitches by introducing new features in their trading platform.

As a result, each platform has its special features that distinguishes it from the others.

For most of the current platforms, the convenience of trading online is negated by the need to install the software. Operating and maneuvering through the software is also a challenge especially for amateur traders. This is the challenge that webtrader developers sought to address.

What distinguishes WebTrader from other platforms?

Online trading platforms usually come in form of a software that you need to download and install before you can start trading. In some instances, you have to buy the software. The main challenge of these model of platforms is that the installation process is complicated especially for the new traders.

Also, it limits you to trading via your personal computer only. If you are away from your PC you can’t enjoy the full benefits of trading online.

Webtrader is a browser-based trading platform that you can run on any device that can access internet. In addition, all trading sites that offer the platform offer it free of charge.

All you need to trade is an internet-enabled device, a browser, a username and a password.

Live analysis tools

For you to be profitable at trading, you need to make the right decisions on when and what to trade. And the best way to make the right decisions is to ensure you have understand the all the variable aspects of the market.

The platform offers various market analysis tools and charts you can utilize to inform your decisions. The analysis tools provide the relevant real-time information and recent data to help you establish trends.

Use of demo accounts

Trading is very risky business in which you can easily lose everything especially when you are new. Webtrader allows traders to run demo accounts involving real-market assets. The trader doesn’t stake real money but gets a real demonstration of what could have happened if he had.

Through the risk-free demos, the traders are able to gauge and sharpen their skills in analyzing the market and make trading decisions. The free demo account runs for up to two weeks.

In conclusion…

Trading online has a lot of benefits but the most outstanding benefit is the convenience to trade anywhere you are. The rise of mobile trading has further amplified the convenience.

Through this web-based trading platform you can achieve these and more benefits. The one-click feature, for instance, you can execute trade orders in one click. This has made the trading process much faster ensuring that you don’t lose out on trade opportunities. This makes it the ideal for the entire spectrum of traders; from amateurs to pros.