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NewsWuthering* sh!tes: JK Rowling outs pet pooch Bronte as a "festive farter"

Wuthering* sh!tes: JK Rowling outs pet pooch Bronte as a “festive farter”

Rowling often shares pictures of Bronte on her Twitter account

JK Rowling has outed her pet pooch as a “Festive Farter” in a hilarious tweet.

The Harry Potter author posted a picture of her West Highland Terrier, Bronte, to Twitter on Boxing Day.

The picture shows the pooch licking her lips and is captioned: “Twenty-four hours of festive farting later, we still don’t know what she managed to steal.”

The image now has almost 35,000 likes and has prompted fans of the millionaire author to post pictures and tales of their own furry friends being greedy this christmas.

A profile of a dog called Belle wrote: “I hear ya. I pooped on my mom’s uggs this morning after stealing some Turkey. I’m not sorry.”

An account for a dog called Rufus wrote: “I ate a 500g butter left on the side of the kitchen, never again.” and shared an image of a sprawled out pup.

A woman called Gwendolen shared an image of her own dog and wrote: “Dorus would like to enter a festive farting competition. Can we sign up?”

One user replied with a picture of a dog in a christmas jumper writing: “ I ate 30g of dark chocolate and needed an emergency vet and three syringes of charcol down my throat – followed by an unamused emoji.”

Nichola Cochrane wrote: “Oh good god, the dog farts we’ve endured the past 24 hours. No idea what she ate.”

A user called Kim wrote: “My dog stretched and farted three times a little while ago.”

Another user called it: “The gift that keeps on giving.”

American Actor Diedrich Bader added: “I don’t know why but ‘festive farting’ sounds like a small village nestled in the British countryside next to Tootingham Windish and Shart-on-glenn.”

Rowling has previously spoken out about her enjoyment over her dogs Twitter fans, after Bronte was rated 13/10 by an account called We Rate Dogs.

She has shared several images of the dog on Twitter.

In February she posted a picture of Bronte writing: “‘I’ve been patient but it’s time to stop editing that chapter and pay attention to me.'”

Bronte was captured in the snow in February

She also shared an image of her in the snow earlier this year, writing: “Taken on today’s commute to work (walk across garden to writing room).”

Two years ago today one greedy dog ruined her family’s Christmas after scoffing the turkey intended for their festive meal.

According to the pet’s owner David Barrett, from Prestwick, South Ayrshire, Bubba, 5, a Chi Apso, snuck into the kitchen on Christmas Eve and stole the food, which had been left on the side.

The family had no idea what their hungry pooch had done until she suddenly collapsed bloated on the floor and unable to move.

*Northern English for “characterised by strong winds”

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