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NewsDanny MacAskill prepares for knee op - with death-defying new stunt

Danny MacAskill prepares for knee op – with death-defying new stunt

AMAZING video shows Danny MacAskill performing a breathtaking new cycle stunt – the day before he was due to have a knee operation.

MacAskill posted the video to Twitter

MacAskill was left on crutches in November last year after breaking his kneecap while riding a trails bike.

And he surprised his fans yesterday (thu) by revealing that he was about to go in for surgery.

MacAskill posted on Twitter: “Here’s a wee trialy line from the other day’s ride in Saltcoats the day before getting my knee opp.”

MacAskill, originally from Dunvegan, Skye, performed his latest stunt on the coast of Saltcoats, North Ayrshire. It’s not clear when the clip was filmed or when MacAskill had his operation.

The video also shows a second angle of the landing

He drops from a considerable height off a sea wall and lands on a pipeline.

Broccolimartyr was among viewers surprised by MacAskill’s news, asking: “So, why do you need knee surgery?”

AlexlawsonmengA added: “How many shots were needed to get that or was it a single attempt? Great stuff. What knee opp?”

DrdPirateEvans wrote: “If I tried that, it would be the same day as my knee, back, leg and arms op!”

LessBrake wrote: “You should be Nobel prize winner in physics Danny.”

MacAskill was also gently chided by a member of the emergency services.

CoastguardKP said: “Being in charge of the local Coastguard Rescue Team I hope others don’t try to replicate your epic skills. Next time you’re visiting give us a shout – the kettle is always on at the @ArdrossanCRT Coastguard station.”

Some users were less impressed with Danny

Gill4Neil added: “Politely put, not to mention potential damage to the pipe he landed on.”

Although twitter user LessBrake feels he deserves a Nobel Prize for his attributes.

The video shows MacAskill riding on top of sea wall as he approaches a pipeline to his left.

With control MacAskill stops beside it and lifts up his back wheel 90 degrees as he ends up facing towards the pipeline seeping out the sea wall.

MacAskill then brings his front wheel up and begins hoping on his back wheel towards the edge of the sea wall.

Then in slow motion MacAskill drops about ten feet on to the pipeline ensuring that his back wheel makes contact first.

MacAskill lands the daring stunt and jumps off the pipeline on to the stone beach below.

Another view from MacAskill’s GoPro camera shows the stunt from his perspective.

The GoPro camera shows a different angle of his ‘sketchy’ landing

At the end of the video after completing his stunt MAcAskill can be heard chuckling and saying “a bit sketchy, but that’ll dae.”

Last year MacAskill was in crutches after breaking his kneecap following tumble from his trails bike.

He said if weren’t for his knee pads the injury could have been a lot worse.

He said at the time: “I took a wee tumble off the trials bike around a week ago and it turns out I have broken my kneecap.

“Nothing complicated though so should be back in action soon enough. Big shout out to @pocsports knee pads. Without them it would have been a heck of a lot worse! Think it’s time to start planning the next project.”

MacAskill has also broken his collerbone and has had a serious back injury from performing some of his stunts.

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