Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Ian Rankin spots first discarded Xmas tree of the season – just three days after main event

IAN Rankin reckons he has spotted the first discarded Christmas tree of the season, lying in an Edinburgh street just three days after the big event.

Rankin claims it was the ‘first casualty’ of the season

The crime writer, best known for his Inspector Rebus novels, posted an image of a real 5ft christmas tree, with plenty of life left in it, laying sideways on the street beside two black bins.

The writer called it the ‘first casualty’ of the season.

Abandoned Christmas trees have become a common sight across the country, with some remaining uncollected as late as March.

A user called Marta responded: “That was quick, perhaps they weren’t happy with presents this year.”

Users were less than impressed at the tree being thrown out

A user calling themselves ‘The professional Human’, wrote: “It’s not even been the full 12 days! Oh, this is tragic.”

Wendy Leigh wrote: “Christmas Tree corpses always sadden me. Cast aside in the gutter after their glory days are gone.”

Emma Park added: “Look at all the green…still got weeks left in him!”

Yvonne Gordon wrote: “always so sad to see the discarded Christmas tress dumped naked by the bins”

Mike Tucker joked: “Off out to buy Valentine cards, Easter Eggs and get the summer holiday booked.”

A user called Sam offered: “Maybe it’s owners are going away for a few weeks and don’t want to deal with it when they come home.”

Writer and musician Ben Watt wrote to the author: “Our neighbour actually threw theirs out on Dec 22. Don’t ask.”

To which Ian replied: “I feel there’s a story there, Ben. Cheers!”

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