Terrifying moment DPD van almost causes 110mph head-on after going wrong way on dual carriageway


SHOCKING video shows a DPD driver almost cause a 110mph head-on crash after going in the wrong direction on a dual carriageway.

Gary McCall was delivering parcels in a FedEx vehicle when he had to swerve sharply to avoid disaster.

Gary, from Chorley, Lancashire, uploaded the clip to social media on Christmas Day with the caption: “DPD driver driving wrong way on a dual carriageway.

“Good job I was awake more than he was.”

The 44-year-old recorded the terrifying incident on November 20 as he was driving north on the A6 towards Milnthorpe, Cumbria.

The video shows Gary exit a roundabout on to a road with two lanes, both of which are marked ahead only.

He passes a couple of warning signs telling him the road narrows and there is a height restriction, due to the bridge at the end of the road.

Just as the road returns to two lanes, Gary moves to the right and then spots the DPD van hurtling towards him. He swerves to the left just in time as the DPD van flashes past.

Gary estimated his speed at 55mph and the FedEx vehicle appears to be going at least as fast

Gary estimated his speed at 55mph and the FedEx vehicle appears to be going at least as fast, which would have given a head-on crash speed of 110mph.

Many users commented under Gary’s post about how close he was to the DPD van.

One user wrote: “FFS that was close.”

Another said: “Omg that was close.”

One user questioned the DPD driver’s ability writing: “How the hell has he got that wrong?”

One joked: “By the way it’s ‘dual’, but obviously the DPD guy thought it was a ‘duel’.”

DPD van was caught hurtling towards Gary on a one way system of a dual carriageway.

Another viewerm who works for DPD, wrote: “ I’m guessing he’s turned right from Snape Lane, still a big error, could have wiped someone out because he looked like he was shifting.

“I work for DPD (cue the abuse) on the wagons though and I’m sure they would take a dim view of that incident.”

Speaking today Gary said: “I’ve used that road for five years and never came across that before but according to locals it happens a lot.

“As for my reaction as you can see I was calm about it. I spotted him way before he spotted me and looked. Luckily there was no vehicle at the side of me.

“It was reported to DPD and if you play back in slow motion you’ll see he has no registration plate on his van either.”