Celebrations box divides internet after woman points out logo font discovery


A BOX of Celebrations has divided opinion after a woman pointed out that the logo features a part of every individual chocolate’s branding.

An image was uploaded to Facebook last night by Sian Smith with the caption: “I can’t be the only one who has only just realised this?”

The picture shows the lid of the treats with labels written on it next to each letter.

Sian points out that each letter in the ‘Celebrations’ logo comes from the fonts of all the chocolates found inside.

The 20-year-old, from Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, has written an arrow attributing each letter with the name of a chocolate it corresponds with.

The C has ‘Mars font’ written next to it, the E ‘Maltesers’, the L from ‘Galaxy and so on so forth.

The post has so far racked up more than 11,000 comments and over 22,000 shares.

Online, reaction to the post appears to have opened the eyes of many who have yet to notice where the quirky logo comes from.

Emily Victoria commented: “I didn’t know this,” with a laughing face emoji.

Jazmine Bourne tagged in a few of her friends and wrote: “Did anyone know this or was it just me that’s clueless?”

Similarly, Jasmine Kukoyi said: “Omg you learn something new every day. Did any of you notice this?”

To which Maz Burton replied: “Do you really think we saw the lid long enough to notice?”

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Ben Derrick commented: “Is it sad that I never knew this till now?”

Mitch Grantham was impressed and said: “Great question on a quiz!”

However, some of the more clued-up chocolate fanatics were quick to point out that they were aware of the discovery.

Jade Wright said: “I thought this was a given tbh.”

Brooklyn L Welsh commented: “If you never noticed it until you saw this picture then check yourself into a hospital please.”

Jessica Lyon said: “Uh… yeah I thought everyone knew that!”

Speaking about the reaction to her post, Sian said: “I can’t believe it! I didn’t expect it to get this reaction at all.

“When I first put it up, we could see it increasing by a few hundred and then it just went up and up and gained thousands in a few hours.”

The festive tubs of chocolate are popular sellers every year. Following the Christmas period last year, the boxes could be found in supermarkets for as little as £2.50