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Shocking moment “Dad of the year” cyclist overtakes lorry at roundabout with child on the back

SHOCKING footage shows the moment a cyclist overtakes a lorry at a roundabout – with a child on board.

The shocking footage received more than 170 reactions on Facebook and 80 comments from outraged social media users.

The clip, which was taken by HGV driver Richard Hook, also shows the cyclist face another oncoming lorry driver before darting across the road in Weybridge, Surrey.

Richard can then be heard shouting at the cyclist as a horn is blasted towards the cyclist.

HGV driver Richard Hook can be heard shouting at the cyclist

A child can be seen at the back of the cyclist’s bike, wearing a helmet
The 32-year-old uploaded the clip to a dash cam group on Facebook yesterday and has received an overwhelming response from social media users.

The video begins with Richard, from Winchester, Hampshire, driving down Church Street in Weybridge approaching a roundabout.

Just as he comes to a halt, another lorry can be seen coming towards him entering the street that Richard is just about to leave.

One Facebook user called the rider a ‘numpty’ whilst other used stronger language

Suddenly a loud horn can be heard and to Richard’s right hand side the cyclist can be seen overtaking him and facing the oncoming lorry.
Richard then exclaims: “F*** me, f****** hell.”

The cyclist goes over the roundabout and heads onto Balfour Road. As Richard follows his path he can be heard saying, “Got a bit shaken up there,” as the video ends.

He uploaded the video with the caption: “Dad of the year, apologies in advance for bad language.”

His post received more than 170 reactions on Facebook and 80 comments from outraged social media users.

One user said: “What a numpty!”

Another user commented: “I don’t fight with anything bigger than me let alone two HGV’s. Good stop, silly people.

Another Facebook user said: “Ok if you’re a cyclist and have no regard for your own life. Do not have the same opinion for your child’s. What a *********.”

Another user said: “Wow, I’m a cyclist and a father and this was just damn f****** crazy. He’s gonna end up killing his child the poor thing. Not even a helmet in sight. Well unless you count the cyclist as being a bloody helmet.”

Another Facebook user said: “Omg death wish! Love the reaction time of the other lorry though and cam lorry as the driver reacted before the cyclist was in clear view.

Another user commented: “Holy c***! Gamble with his own life if he wants, but not the kid too!”

Another Facebook user said: “I hope the boys mother sees the video! Cannot believe he rides like that with a child on the back. Well done lorry driver. Could well of been a double fatality.

Speaking today, said the video was originally filmed in 2015, but shared the video as he sees these type of incidents on a regular basis.

He said: “As a professional driver you see this sort of thing all the time so was not surprised.

“You learn to look out for these idiots. The child on the back just makes it horrific.”

It was reported that in 2016, more than 1,981 children [ages between 0-15] were injured in cycling road accidents, with eight of that figure being killed.

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