“It’s a nasty one” clip shows car engulfed with flames on busy motorway


SHOCKING footage shows a car engulfed in flames on the hard shoulder of one the UK’s busiest motorways.

The incident took place on the M62 close to Leeds

The vehicle can be seen on fire with billowing smoke on the side of the road, as traffic moves cautiously past.

Police officers can also be seen trying to keep other traffic flowing as the car continues to burn.

Simon Pilling, 41, from Halifax, West Yorkshire, filmed the incident while on his way home from a work call out, just before 4pm on January 2.

The incident took place on the M62, next to junction 27, close to Leeds.
The road was temporarily closed before police and fire services cleared the scene.

Police appear shortly after the clip begins

The IT Manager posted the clip to Facebook with the caption: “Nice short clip. M62 J27 west bound. What you think, is it a write off?”

The clip begins with a dash cam view of the motorway, as the driver and a lorry in front pull out from a slip lane onto the carriageway.

The lorry in front then pulls into the next right lane, revealing a police car blocking the lane, with a vehicle on fire in front.

Off camera a voice can be heard saying: “Oh it’s a nasty one.”
One officer can be seen moving traffic along with his arm, while another stands by the police car.

Two people can also be seen standing behind him at the side of the road.
The dash cam then shows the white vehicle clearly up in flames on the hard shoulder, smoke billowing.

The driver then moves past the scene, and continues to follow the slow moving traffic as the video comes to an end.

Facebook users made lighthearted comments, though noted the seriousness of the situation.

One user commented: “That’ll buff out.”

Another user said: “Surprised they didn’t get the marshmallows out for some s’mores, all joking aside I hope all the occupants got out safely the insurance will pick up the costs.”

Another user remarked: “Heater worked a little too well.”
One user wrote: “That looks like a really good windscreen defrosting device.”

The M62 in one of the busiest motorways in Britain.

A car was filmed similarly engulfed in flames on the hard shoulder of the motorway two days after Christmas.

The incident happened between the Lofthouse Interchange and junction 30 for Newmarket.

Two of four lanes were temporarily closed and no one was injured.