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“Robin comes when I call him” video shows bird answering to woman’s call

AMAZING video captures the moment a woman calls for a robin – who then appears to answer her by flying over.

Lyndsay says the bird follows her around all day at work

Lyndsay Ní Chonchobhair, from Dublin, Ireland, can be seen calling out to the bird, which then appears on cue.

The 27-year-old, who works for a window blinds company in Dublin, filmed the clip at her work, where she says the robin lives.

She posted the clip on December 21 to a Irish Facebook group with the caption: “Robin comes when I call him.”

She yells “Robin, come on” in the video

The video begins with a shot of the ground, while Lyndsay calls out: “Robin, come on.”

She gives a short whistle and the bird miraculously flies over, appearing on cue.

Lyndsay then says: “Good boy. Hiya baby.”

The robin twirls around and flaps its wings briefly, before sitting and appearing to wait as the clip comes to and end.

Speaking about the robin, Lyndsay said: “Robin lives at my job and he follows me around all day.

“I think I am his girlfriend. Nikola Tesla fell in love with a pigeon so if it’s good enough for him then it’s good enough for me.

She added: “He arrived at my factory in Ballymount, Dublin, about two and a half months ago and just took a liking to me.

“So since then we have become best friends. Robin follows me by himself, no training, just love.

“I have a gift with animals. Still trying to work out how to use it full time and give up work though.”

Facebook users were impressed with the video.

Marcella McKeown said: “That’s just beautiful.”

Kevin O’Neill wrote: “That is fantastic. What a beautiful way to start the day.”

Niamh Eldridge Barry commented: “Love this. Wish I could call a robin over like that.”

Anne Ferguson added: “That’s so beautiful, love robins.”

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