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Taking Your Art to the Next Level

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TFor the passionate artist or photographer, there’s little more satisfying than bringing your work to life in the form of a stunning print. Even the most impeccable on-screen imagery cannot compare with a high-quality physical manifestation of one of your proudest pieces.

Printing your most important work also opens the door to distribution and display opportunities. If you intend to be taken seriously as an artist, you’ll eventually need to produce physical copies of your work in one form or another.

The question being – which printing format to choose?

Worldwide, the undisputed gold standard in fine art photo printing is giclee printing. Nevertheless, high-end C-Printing services can also produce incredible results. Whatever your intentions for the prints and your available budget, you’ll have every opportunity to take your art to the next level.


For the contemporary artist and photographer, C-Printing represents a modern alternative to the dark room printing processes of yesteryear. The difference is that with C-Printing, the entire process is controlled by computer hardware and software, exposing the substrate using state-of-the-art LEDs or lasers. The removal of the human element from the equation eliminates many of the most common errors and imperfections associated with dark room printing. Along with producing consistently excellent results, C-Printing is also a comparatively affordable option for limited and extensive runs alike.

As a result, C-Printing has become the everyday go-to for millions of discerning artists and photographers across the country. From established professional photographers to enthusiastic hobbyists, C-Printing provides the opportunity to present your work with beautiful clarity at an affordable price. Particularly when looking to commission an extensive run of prints, C-Printing is a uniquely cost-effective option.

Giclee Printing

Taking things a significant step further, giclee printing is no less than the gold standard for elite artists and photographers worldwide. In instances where flawless results are the only acceptable option, giclee printing consistently outperforms all other printing processes currently available.

An advanced form of inkjet printing, giclee prints are produced using the most technologically sophisticated hardware on the market. The primary defining factor of giclee printing is a minimum resolution of 300 DPI – more than 400% higher than the standard 72 DPI of the everyday digital image. By boosting the resolution of the image more than four-times, the resulting print presents the most incredible detail, definition and clarity.

In addition, giclee printing technology typically utilises pigment-based inks, rather than the usual dye-based inks. Along with superior definition and detail, giclee prints (when stored appropriately) can last anything from 100 to 200 years, without significant signs of fading. Giclee printing is the more expensive option, but nonetheless represents an invaluable investment in your proudest works.

The Benefits of Professional Printing

Advancements in home printing technology have made it quick and easy to produce decent reproductions at an affordable price. Hence, DIY printing is often the preferred option for budget-conscious artists and photographers.

Nevertheless, there are certain advantages that accompany the services of professional printing companies. Examples of which include the following:

Equipment Used

The equipment used in a professional printing studio is exponentially more sophisticated (an expensive) than any home printing setup. As a result, you simply cannot expect to produce the same immaculate results at home as would be possible in a pro studio. If the quality of your reproductions is a priority, outsourcing to the experts is the way to go.


The same also applies to consistency. Conventional home printing technology simply isn’t equipped to produce extensive runs of prints that are 100% identical in terms of detail, quality, colour reproduction and so on. Sooner or later, discrepancies are inevitable. Working with a professional printing company, you can be assured of flawless consistency – however many prints you order.

Professional Consultancy

By involving a professional printing service in your project, you stand to benefit from their experience and expertise. From the various printing methods available to choosing an appropriate substrate and so on, professional consultancy can be worth its weight in gold. Particularly if you’re new to advanced art and photography printing processes and related technology.


Last up, it’s also worth considering any guarantees or assurances the printing company offers. If you produce a run of prints at home and aren’t happy with the result, there’s very little you can do about it. If dissatisfied with the quality of the prints you order from a professional studio, you may be entitled to a refund. Or perhaps, a re-do of the printing process. In any case, it’s the kind of peace of mind that makes the price of professional printing services worth paying.

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