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NewsPrankster accidentally invited to ladies' WhatsApp group makes cocaine a cop

Prankster accidentally invited to ladies’ WhatsApp group makes cocaine joke…to a cop

A PRANKSTER who was accidentally invited to a ladies’ WhatsApp group got a nasty shock – when he made a joke about cocaine.

Billy Rawlinson discovered to his horror that one of the women in the group is a serving police officer.

The 23-year-old was amused to be accidentally invited to the group which had been set up to discuss the plans for “Sandra’s 50th” birthday.

Billy, from Horrabridge, Devon, was even more amused to be referred to as “Lorraine”.

Billy Rawlinson discovered to his horror that one of the women in the group is a serving police officer

Billy posted the hilarious exchange of messages on his Twitter account on Monday after his “brush with the law” resulted in him being unmasked and kicked out of the group.

The women, who are believed to be from the area of Luton, Bedfordshire, are understood to have been booking a party at one of the town’s hotels.

One of the group mixed up mobile numbers, however, and unwittingly sent a message to Billy thinking he was “Lorraine” and asking him to join their WhatsApp group.

Billy was then greeted with the message: “I’m booking 9th Feb for Leaside for Sandra please let me know if suits everyone. I know Tracy it will depend on Issac.”

Billy, posing as Lorraine, replied: “I’m in.”

Not long afterwards, he decided to ramp up the fun by asking: “How many male strippers are we getting then?”

One of the ladies, oblivious to the real identity of Lorraine, replied: “Lol none I hope ha.”

Billy then decided to really push the boat out, asking: “Anybody able to sort any cocaine for it?”

One of the group asked: “Are you serious?” Billy replied: “Yes, why not?”

The same woman responded: “Because it is illegal. I’m a police officer as well.”

Billy Rawlson on the far right

On Twitter, Billy posted the screen grabs with the caption: “When you get invited to Sandra’s 50th by mistake” with a laughing face emoji.

The post went viral quickly and it even got a response from Sandra.

She replied to the tweet: “Ok ok that’ll be me soon to be the big 50 what a lucky boy you was to be invited to the event of the year.

“Wow all these retweets hope you all get me a present. Anyway made us oldies chuckle all afternoon.”

After being chided for putting the ladies’ mobile numbers online, Billy replied: “I wouldn’t of put your numbers if I knew it would go viral, I’m sorry!!”

Speaking today, Billy said that he was just having “fun”.

He said: “I just got added into it and thought I’d have a bit of fun. I don’t have a clue who they are.”

When asked what happened after the police officer replied to him, he said: “They realised I wasn’t Lorraine and kicked me out of the group.

“I’m just glad Sandra was okay with the tweet but I should have blocked out the numbers.”

On Twitter RyanMark24 wrote: “Imagine the confusion amongst the others in the group chat!! This has me laughing.”

Lhjfx said: “I’m absolutely creasing. This guy needs to come into our chat, what a treat.”

MollieStack said: “My mum was in the chat, it’s true” with a laughing emoji.

NickyFran75 replied: “I’m f howling.”

CharlieJones96 joked: “I didn’t get invited to Sandra’s 50th wtaf.”

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