Simba the rabbit off her food after “dead mouse found in Poundland pet muesli”


A MUM claims she opened a bag of Poundland rabbit muesli for her hungry pet – and a dead mouse fell into the bowl.

Caitlin Cameron posted pictures of the mouldering mouse covered in what should have been dinner for Simba the rabbit.

The 21-year-old’s snaps show a furry body with tail and paws and a large, open bag of rabbit muesli.

Caitlin, from Aberdeen, says she bought the rabbit food from Poundland’s Union Street store yesterday.

Caitlin reckons Simba is now off her food as a result of the rat.

Caitlin, mum to two-year-old Kayden, wrote on Facebook: “I am raging. So I got my rabbit food from Poundland not thinking anything of it

“I open the packet to feed Simba and start putting some in her bowl and here comes a dead mouse.

“Don’t buy any food for your pets. I’ll be phoning the company, it’s a joke, I’m raging. Please share.”

Speaking today, she added: “I was shocked at the start. I shouted on my boyfriend and my friend and they came through and then I phoned Poundland themselves.

“They said sorry, told me to go in and take the food with me. That I’ve done and they tried to give me the £1 back and said the manager will contact me tomorrow which I think they won’t do.”

Caitlin reckons Simba is now off her food as a result.


“My rabbit hasn’t eaten at all just now,” she said. “Because of it I’ve to take her to the vet tomorrow to be checked.

Online, Claire Ewen responded: “Yuck, that’s disgusting.”

Charly Bisset said: “Omg that’s disgusting. Wtf hope they do sumin about it.”

In February last year it was reported Poundland was fined £40,000 after mouse droppings were found near baby food in one of its stores.

Environmental health officers found mouse droppings near open baby food packets during inspections.

The breaches were recorded at a branch in St John’s Shopping Precinct, in Liverpool, in October, 2016.

Poundland admitted the breaches of food and safety health, after deciding that internal procedures were not being adhered to.

A spokeswoman for Poundland said: “We’re sorry to hear of this.

“The store has spoken to Caitlin and refunded her £2.

“We’re clearly as keen as her to know from our supplier how this happened.”