Susan Boyle makes a magnificent return to the talent show scene


Susan Boyle performed her cover of ‘Wild Horses’ by The Rolling Stones on America’s Got Talent: The Champions on Monday night.

Scots Singer Susan Boyle has returned to the talent show scene, appearing on the US version of the show, America’s Got Talent: The Champions which brings back former contestants in a best-of-the-best competition.

The singer, from Blackburn, West Lothian, was put straight through to the finals when judge Mel B pressed her golden buzzer on Monday evening.

The Spice Girls star described Boyle’s voice as “angelic”.

Mel B said: “What an absolute honour and pleasure it is to be sitting here and listening to you and your angelic voice.”

“And I want to be the woman who gives you something you deserve,” she added, before pressing her Golden buzzer for the star.

Before SuBo’s performance, viewers were shown original content from her first audition and life before her debut on the UK show in 2009.

The singer, now 57, has had a dramatic makeover since her original rise to fame.

American Actor and Comedian Terry Crews who hosts the show tweeted about the stars performance and acknowledging her change in appearance.

He wrote: “If you didn’t love Susan Boyle at Britain’s Got Talent, then you don’t deserve her at America’s Got Talent

As she took to the stage, Simon Cowell also tarted reminiscing with her, jokingly he said: “What’s your name?”, before adding, “God, this brings back so many memories.”

Boyle replied: “It’s great to be back.”

SuBo received a standing ovation from the audience for her performance.

Cowell said to her afterwards: “I cannot think of any other contestant who has defined this show better than you. You are the one.

“You made a huge difference to a lot of people’s lives and I am absolutely thrilled you are here.”

Susan Boyle became an international star when she came second in the 2009 BGT show, beaten only by dance group Diversity.

Her outstanding rendition of ‘I dreamed a dream’ shocked judges and viewers.

Since her first appearance on the big screen SuBo has sold over 20 million albums and had two Grammy award nominations.

The singers net-worth is now estimated to be £26m, but she still lives in the three bedroom ex-council house which she grew up in, that she bought for £65,000.

Her home has since become one of the most photographed council houses in the country.

She did buy a five bedroom £300,000 new-build detached villa at the other end of the small town, which she calls ‘The Posh House’. However, she couldn’t settle there, and now one of her nieces lives in the property.

She is known for donating a lot of her money to several charities as well as using it to help out her friends and family.