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Aussie football fans and cops “bounce” together as firework search ends in hilarious celebration

HILARIOUS video shows Australian police officers “bouncing” with football fans after searching a supporter’s bag for banned pyrotechnics.

The video shows a young supporter having his bag searched as fans do a taunting goalkick-style drone in anticipation of whether they’ll find anything.

When the bag turns up empty of flares or smoke bombs the pub erupts into a wild celebration as cops bounce along with fans in a chant of The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army.

The incident took place in a pub called The Gov in Hindmarsh, Adelaide as travelling Melbourne fans enjoyed the pre-match festivities in a match dubbed the ‘original rivalry’ between Adelaide United and Melbourne Victory.

The video was taken by Lucas Dohnt and shows his friend Matt Harte having his bag searched by police who were using torches to find any fireworks or flares yesterday afternoon.

The video shows Matt unzipping his bag whilst two police officers – one armed with a torch – can be seen rummaging through his belongings.

All the while the surrounding Melbourne fans can be heard droning “whoa” with some of them stretching their arms towards Matt and shaking their hands in anticipation whilst Matt calmly waits for the search to end.

Matt unzipped his bag whilst the police use a torch to search it

The search goes on for a considerable time and the drones of “whoa” get louder and louder as the police officer goes through each individual pocket in Matt’s bag.

A brief pause in the “whoa’s” in order for people to catch their breath sees another police officer approach the bag in order to help out with the search.

However, the police officers give Matt the all clear and an eruption of noise fills the pub as they celebrate with him.

Fans chant “whoa” in anticipation

The fans begin jumping up and down and start chanting the riff to the song ‘Seven Nation Army’ in unison as the pub goes wild.

The video then shows some of the police officers bouncing up and down with the fans as the chanting fills the entire room.

Student Matt said that the search of his bag caught him by surprise.

The police are looking for any pyrotechnics that may be sneaked into the stadium

“It was a bit out of the blue if just bought some drinks and they were doing a scan on my friend so they decided to do me and my bag before I even got to take a drink.

“I wasn’t worried seeing as I had nothing to hide but it was a pretty nervous wait since all the fans were crowded round.

“We saw a few other boys our age being searched about 20 minutes before they checked us.

“I wouldn’t say it was completely random they probably thought we were more likely to have something we shouldn’t rather than a 30-year-old man but they didn’t come crashing through the crowd to check our stuff.”

The police officers start jumping up and down with the fans after they find nothing

Matt, 18, said after the search he tried extremely hard to bottle up his elation out of respect for the officers.

Matt added: “When the fans started cheering it was pure elation, I wanted so badly to join in, but I wanted to be respectful to the officers standing next to me seeing as they were just doing their job so I kept my celebrations a bit subdued.

“A few of the fans came round and smacked me on the back then we went back to drinking and talking.

“The police officers were kind of just bouncing along, they all saw the fun in it which was good to see.”

Matt (Left) was slightly nervous when the police picked his bag out at random despite having nothing to hide

Matt saw the funny side to seeing the video go viral.

Matt continued: “Seeing it go viral I just have to laugh, it was funny at the time but seeing people react to it in the way they have has just made it even better and it’ll be a good story to tell as well.”

Matt and his friends were attending what is known as in Australian soccer as the ‘original rivalry’ between Adelaide United and Melbourne Victory.

This is because of the historic dislike between people from South Australia and Victoria.

The game finished 2-0 to Adelaide United in the A-League match up.

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