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NewsBoy pours "urine" all over wheel clamp on car in revenge bid...

Boy pours “urine” all over wheel clamp on car in revenge bid on DVLA

SHOCKING video shows a young boy pour “urine” over a wheel clamp attached to a car in an apparent act of revenge against the DVLA.

The bottle was apparently filled with urine before the incident

The man behind the camera can be heard goading on the boy into pouring the liquid from a wine bottle on to the clamp which is attached to a silver Mercedes.

The boy gestures enthusiastically to the soaked wheel and wishes a “Happy Christmas, with wee under the cover”.

The man filming responds “And a happy new year” before laughing.

The clip was uploaded to “Sesh Gremlin” Facebook group page on December 28, with the cation: “DVLA Clamps Dads Car so we did this.” It is not known where the clip was filmed.

The clip begins with the man approaching the silver Mercedes M Class with the boy, and filming round the car.

The original video, posted to Facebook group ‘Sesh Gremlin’ has not been posted due to age of the boy

He says to the boy, “Oi”, and “Go on then, all over the lock, all over the lock,” before the boy proceeds to pour what is believed to be urine over the lock and triangular clamp.

The bottle appears to have originally held sparkling wine. The boy, wearing a grey hoodie begins pouring its contents heavily over.

The man then says: “That’s it, all over it all Dodge. You’re the boy mate. Is that all pissed up?”

The boy replies: “Yup.”

The man responds: “Cushty bruv.”

His Dad egged him on whilst he poured the ‘urine’ over the lock

The boy has finished pouring the alleged urine over the wheel but he continues to try, with a person shouting over from the distance: “Don’t waste a drop.”

The man filming says to the boy: “ You can have that from us,” before appearing to laugh at the other person’s comments.

The boy then knocks the glass bottle against the pavement, checking it is empty before facing the camera.

The man remarks: “When the man comes and takes it -” and the boy finishes, “he’ll see that I’ve p* on it.”

Turning back round, the man films the front of the car, catching the vehicle registration, and filming a shot of the clamp again.

He says: “That’s just cost me about £1000 or something. Oh well. That’s the DVLA for you. Cars taxed.”

Both the boy and the man then enthusiastically wish viewers a Happy Christmas and new year.

Facebook users were both repulsed and tried to find humour in the clip.

Harry Charlton wrote: “You don’t see the guy but you know he’s a f mess. and shouldn’t be anywhere near children.”

Hugh Abercrombie commented: “Lol. Why would u want to put your kid in front of the camera like that. Pure madness.”

Karen Morrison said: “What a disgrace to show a little boy how to do this. What chance has he got in life with a p**** like the man on here. So sad really”

Georgia Ball remarked: “What a was.”

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