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NewsOutlander star Cree brands sports presenter a "clown" in row over Killie

Outlander star Cree brands sports presenter a “clown” in row over Killie

OUTLANDER star Steven Cree has described sports presenter David Tanner as a “clown” following a row over Kilmarnock FC.

Tanner, who used to be Sky Sport’s chief Scottish reporter, said Killie fans should “grow up” after they took offence to a tweet.

That led Cree, a life-long fan of the club, to hilariously slap down Tanner.

Cree tweeted: “Dear David, I notice on your website that you are available for hire as an event host.

Tanner hit out at Kilmarnock after listening to an interview branding player Jordan Jones ‘disrespectful’

“I was wondering if I could book you in for a kids’ party as judging by this post and several others I’m assuming you also work as a clown.”

He signed off: “We will provide the snowflake costume. Thanks.”

Tanner quickly replied to the tweet by saying: “I’ve had enough of huffy, greeting weans for one day, thanks, Steven!”

Cree branded Tanner as a ‘clown’ for his remarks

The row kicked off after Tanner listened to an interview by Rock Sport Radio on Tuesday night with a Kilmarnock supporter who was angry about the club’s player Jordan Jones signing a pre-contract agreement with Rangers and boasting about it on social media.

Tanner tweeted: “I heard this interview last night and nearly fell off my chair. And I was driving at the time.

Tanner hit back Cree at saying he had enough of ‘greeting weans’

“Let’s be clear: Kilmarnock CAN win the title. Their challenge is real. A fan wants to bin their best player…over a tweet!! Get real & grow up. Ayrshire’s Snowflake Generation!”

After Cree responded with his “clown” jibe, several social media users shared their approval.

MarieTrimp commented: “You seriously kill me,” with laughing emojis.

Claire seemed to be on team Cree brandishing Tanner’s comments as ‘pathetic’

Mscitro said: “You are too f much,” with applause emojis.

Claireyzumba replied: “Brilliant tweet Steven! Hits the nail on the head. What a pathetic bunch of comments from Tanner, clearly not loving the Killie revival!!”

Fatb0yfat wrote: “David would not be allowed on the more advanced sections of the soft play, tho…”

Andrew acknowledged Tanner’s sheer brutality in his comments

DishNPJ commented: “Ooh burn!”

The Scots actor and famous Killie fan Steven Cree is well known for his appearances in the TV series Outlander, set in Scotland in 1743.

Cree has also made starring roles in films Brave, Maleficent and 2018 movie Outlaw King.

Tanner was one of Sky Sports’ leading figures in Scotland

Tanner is currently a freelance sports and events host after leaving his position at Sky Sports at the beginning of last season.

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