Thursday, June 30, 2022
NewsTakeway got 0 out of 25 hygiene rating after inspectors found dead...

Takeway got 0 out of 25 hygiene rating after inspectors found dead mice, droppings and rotten food

DISGUSTING photographs show dead mice, droppings and rotten food discovered at a Chinese takeaway.

The revolting images were captured at the Oriental Chef in Wallasey, Wirral, which received a “zero” out of 25 rating for hygiene from council inspectors.

The takeaway enjoyed a high rating of 5.3 out of 6 on Just Eat’s website but behind the scenes inspectors found stomach-churning conditions.

The council stopped short of shutting the premises permanently after the inspections and follow-up visits in October last year. Management volunteered a temporary closure and the takeaway was given a clean bill of health later the same month.

Four dead mice side by side

The pictures, released by the council under the Freedom of Information Act, show four dead mice stuck side by side.

Another image appears to show a pile of mice droppings located in the corner of the shop.

One photo shows what appears to be a piece of chicken lying on the floor surrounded by droppings.

What appears to be a piece of chicken next to droppings

Another photos shows an unidentified item of food resting on top of more mice droppings.

The inspector of the business said that the takeaway tried to carry out its own measures in order to fix their mouse problem. However, that was deemed “inadequate.”

The inspector also said that “despite [Oriental Chef] being aware of the ongoing pest problem” the dead mice and droppings had not been cleared before the inspection.

Unidentified items of food next to droppings

Food was also left unwrapped and uncovered close to where the droppings were.

The report said: “This build-up of dirt and debris makes it difficult to effectively monitor the pest activity and any potential food debris provides an alternative food source for the pests which deters them from taking the bait you have laid.”

The report continues to state that the manager was “willing to voluntarily close the business” with a prohibition notice issued.

A pile of mice droppings in the corner of the premise

The takeaway was able re-open following revisits on October 25 and 26 as it was deemed not to have an “imminent risk to health” as they received a certificate stating “that the health risk no longer existed.”

The National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme scored the Chinese takeaway 25 for hygiene and structure, with 0 being the best score and 25 being the worst.

Oriental Chef have today briefly said “we apologise to everyone effected. There are no more mice and the issues have been resolved.”

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