“Good job she’s beautiful” Mum posts pic of daughter’s Dumb and Dumber haircut disaster


HILARIOUS pictures show how a mum’s attempt to give her daughter a home haircut went “horrifically wrong” the night before she was due at nursery.

Rebecca Asquith decided to give Ava, three, a quick trim but ended up with a classic pudding bowl reminiscent of Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber.

The mum of four from Wigan, Greater Manchester, has vowed to take the tot to a hairdresser next time.

Ava ended up with a similar haircut to a Jim Carrey character

Sharing her disaster on Facebook, Rebecca, 23, posted: “Thought I’d give Ava’s hair a trim, so I wet it, brushed it, grabbed it all and cut straight along right?

“Wrong absolutely horrifically wrong. This poor girl has nursery tomorrow, good job she’s beautiful.”

Rebecca later added to the post on confirming that she will not be doing any more DIY haircuts.

Rebecca said she won’t be putting her daughter through that again

She said: “EDIT she will be going to a hairdressers next time.”

Demi Lee Judd responded online: “Oh my f god. This is great.”

Elisia Hart said: “Hahaha aww poor kid.”

The pictures were posted to Facebook alongside a horrified caption

Kate Jenkins said: “My nan used to this to me, she’d put a bowl on my head to cut my fringe.”

Jennifer Kay joked: “Child abuse at its finest hahahahahaha.”

Stacey Kiddie commented: “Think that’s terrible poor wean, shame on the Mum doing that to her little girl.”

Some Facebook users remembered their own experiences

Last year, a teenager’s “Jim Carrey” bowl haircut escalated into police matter.

Aiden Bowness, from Carlisle, complained that he was left looking like Carrey’s Dumb and Dumber character.

In response to this staff hit back at the 17-year-old calling him the “ugliest man in Carlisle.”

Not everyone was amused by the outcome

However this backfired on owner Flamecia Santiago whose picture has been used to sign up to dating websites, resulting in 100 calls a day and her being sent porn videos. She eventually took the matter to police.