Waste boss goes viral with sweary rant against 7lb Next catalogues after 4 arrive in 2 weeks


A WASTE management boss has gone viral with his hilarious, sweary rant about the number of Next catalogues delivered to his home.

Tim Stevens was incensed after getting four catalogues in two weeks – each one weighing 7lbs – and complains every copy could sink the Titanic.

After slamming a catalogue down on the table for dramatic effect, the 52-year-old urges everyone to help crack down on the deliveries, warning: “Otherwise, it’s all f*.”

The video was posted to Facebook on Saturday by Tim’s partner, Julie Adams, 58, who is apparently on a Next mailing list “from decades ago”.

Tim, a company director, opens the video by storming into the kitchen of the couple’s home in Nottingham wielding one of the huge catalogues.

He rants: “Here’s what’s got my goat today.

“This Next Catalogue, this is the fourth one we’ve had in two weeks, apparently before Christmas we got three of these, they weigh an absolute tonne.”

He then goes over to weigh the catalogue and says it weighs seven kilos, although he means to say pounds.

Following this, whilst holding the bright orange catalogue he says, “How much does it cost in the world’s resources to put this on the f table?

“Apparently Julie doesn’t order them, she’s on a mailing list from decades ago and we still get these.

“So how many people are getting these delivered through their letterbox, when in fact it doesn’t fit through a f letterbox?”

He adds: “How many tonnes of paper has it taken to produce that, how much ink, how much diesel, how much fuel and all the rest of it to motivate that thing around the f country?

“That’s what’s wrong with the world there, forget your plastic in the ocean, this is the tip of the iceberg. In fact, it is an iceberg. If that was floating it would knock down the f Titanic.”

He then drops the catalogue on a table to show how loud the thump it makes from the weight of the catalogue.

Tim finishes the video by saying: “Now hopefully, some of you will do something about that, otherwise it’s all f* mate.”

Self-employed beauty therapist Julie captioned the Facebook post: “My partner feels quite strongly about it too! Sorry for the swearing!”

Stephanie Wilkins responded: “Love this he is spot on! Mental shame on next tweet them and insta them too.”

Salli Maddalo commented: “Hahaha. Bloody love it! Great rant! And totally true. And nine times out of ten no-one looks at these things any more as we have the internet so they go straight in the recycling!”

Jacqui Jennings said: “He’s got a f point!”

Carolyn Hopewell commented: “Do agree and a big tick for raising awareness about this. I hope people do cancel subscriptions to companies that send endless, weighty brochures now.”

Nicola ‘Smith’ Fox said: “I unsubscribed ages ago but still received one this week, it went straight in the recycling bin.”

Speaking today, Julie said: “It is worrying and so many people are saying the same thing.

“Why are they wasting so much money, time and resources when people are just putting them straight into the recycling?

“My partner gets incensed about them so I said, ‘Tim you ought to do something about this’.”