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Bizarre moment disaster strikes as family move sofa perched on pram – with baby sat on top

BIZARRE footage shows a family’s DIY efforts to move a couch almost end in disaster – after they perched a child on the settee.

The video shows the group trying to push a large sofa through the streets perched on top of a pram.

They try to solve the problem of what to do with the occupant of the pram by perching the tot on the sofa.

But when the pram hits a bump in the pavement the sofa slips forward and the youngster almost topples out.

The incident was filmed in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, by Ruby-Mae Mcghee on Monday and uploaded to social media with the caption “Boro” and two laughing emojis.

The clip begins with what appears to be a family in the town’s Linthorpe Road balancing their cargo on a pram.

Ruby-Mae and a friend, who were in a passing car, can be heard laughing.

The baby can be seen sitting on the couch which is balance on top of a pram

Someone can then be heard saying: “Oh my god, there’s someone sat on the sofa. There’s a kid on the sofa.”

The man steering the pram then decides to go down a slight slope with the pushchair, causing it to accelerate.

Suddenly, the couch then almost falls off the top of the pram and onto the pavement.

The sofa suddenly falls with the baby on it

Thankfully two people at either side of the couch, who were helping ensure that it stayed on the pram, managed to grab a hold of it before it was too late.

Someone can be heard gasping and saying: “S*** it’s fallen.”

The man then reaches onto the couch and pulls the child off to safety.

The parents can be seen attending to the baby

“Here the kid could have f****** hurt themselves there,” can be heard as the car their in drives around the corner before the clip ends.

Ellie Watson responded online: “Only in Boro.”

Adam Levick said: “Ahahaha love Middlesbrough me.”

Marc Whitehead commented: “That’s the way to travel haha.”

Many people found it funny on social media

Tommy Young said: “Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.”

Connor Attwood commented: “Lmao at that baby on the sofa.”

Nicole Cairns said: “Talk about living a cushioned life. Sofaking cool.”

Ruby-Mae didn’t think it was a bad idea

Laura Seago commented: “Some pushchair that.”

Speaking today, Ruby-Mae, from Middlesbrough, she initially thought it wasn’t a bad idea until the couch fell over.

She said: “I thought it was hilarious and thought it was a good idea till I seen the child on it go flying.”

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