Gordon Ramsay shares his Apocalypse Now moment as boat crashes while filming on Mekong Delta


HILARIOUS video shows Gordon Ramsay have an “Apocalypse Now” moment as he takes a boat trip on the Mekong Delta.

Ramsay, who is filming in Vietnam, recorded the moment his boat “captain” managed to crash into another vessel.

Ramsay, 52, superimposed the words “oh s***” on the footage, which starts with him on the river capturing a beautiful sunset.

He narrates over the clip: “There’s my captain. Captain. Kids having a little swim before dinner. Wow, Oh my lord.”

The video then tilts around and Ramsay starts to get a bit panicky as a un-manned boat, floating in the current, approaches.

He says: “Watch-out. We are going to hit that thing.”

He adds “Don’t hit it. Oh s***” as the prow of the boat smashes into Ramsay’s motorised wooden craft.

Ramsay says: “No, we have just hit it. Oh s***. Not a good start and I’m not driving. What in the frig. Captain, what are you doing?”

The captain then pushes the prow of the other boat away.

Ramsay says: “What in the frig. Captain what are you doing? Dude, dude. Have you been drinking? Psst. Have you been drinking?”

The celebrity chef then adds: “Oh lord. Right there is a little hole in my boat. Well there would be, wouldn’t it, on my first day of filming.”

Ramsay is slowly panning around showing off the sunset before shouting: “Capitaine, opened his eyes.” He begins to laugh before adding: “Holy crap.”

The captain shouts at Ramsay: “Hey guy, don’t swear.”