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Online PDF Translation Service Via PROTRANSLATE


How do you translate your PDF documents? Some people download applications that occupies some memory space on their devices and get bugged with the many ads from such applications. Some other pay freelancers who would not deliver your document as quickly as possible, also by hiring freelancers, you stand a risky chance of exposing or leaking confidential information to the wrong person, you are also unsure of the translator who may not be professional enough to translate the niche of your document.

But do you know that you can convert these documents online? There are many online PDF translation services that you can find on the internet but then another question is, what is the quality of their services? Our online PDF translation service is simple and efficient. One of the best online PDF translators you can try out is the PROTRANSLATE.

The protranslate have hired professional translators most of whom are natives in those languages. They have also specialized in many fields such as the academic, medical, legal, engineering, marketing and also website translation with over 60 languages featured.

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A website designed with a professional but yet a simple look that you know your way around. All you owe is just to click a few buttons and get your document submitted giving you the best translation experience.

In the submission process, you are to choose the source language and also the target language. The source language being the original language of your PDF and then the target language being the language you want your PDF to be translated to.

Once you are done submitting or uploading, the document undergoes evaluation, where the system calculates the date when your document will be due after which you make payment. The PROTRANSLATE run a secured system, so you are sure no one is stealing your payment details.

After payment, your file is forwarded to a professional translator who is chosen according to the context of your document. Your payment also covers for a proofreading service which is done after your file is translated. The file after proofreading undergoes a final stage which involves formatting the document to the original. Remember all you have to do is click a few buttons, relax and get notified shortly with a translated.