Sunday, July 3, 2022
NewsStudent who posed as "cocaine-snorting cop" could face police impersonation charge

Student who posed as “cocaine-snorting cop” could face police impersonation charge

A STUDENT who dressed up as a cop and pretended to snort cocaine is facing possible prosecution for impersonating a police officer.

Darren McFadyen caused a sensation last week when he appeared on video in a very authentic-looking police uniform, complete with a baton and cuffs, before snorting a line of white powder.

Police Scotland investigated and quickly satisfied themselves no genuine officer was involved. But the force has confirmed that it is now looking into “potential criminality”.

Darren, 26, an events management student at Edinburgh College, insists he took part in the stunt – filmed at his flat in the city last week – as part of a comedy “sketch”.

But his uniform was so realistic many social media users thought they were watching a genuine police officer taking illegal drugs.

Speaking today (mon), Darren said: “I just find it hilarious that the police think there may be something criminal taking place.

“There’s no way it can’t be perceived as impersonating a police officer as it is in my own home and there was no intention to mislead the public.

“I honestly find it laughable that the police who are stretched enough as it is and are facing major cuts would potentially want to investigate an innocent video intended to make people laugh.”

He asked: “Are the police going to be investigating every bit of footage or any film releases that involve actors being dressed as cops from now on? It’s ridiculous.”

Darren added: “I have had a few folk come up to me that have recognised me from the video.

“All my mates find it hilarious as well.”

But a Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Following reports of a video circulating on social media, which suggested an on-duty officer was involved in drug taking, an investigation was launched to established the video’s authenticity.

Darren McFadyen, who fooled social media into believing a policeman was snorting cocaine on-duty.

“We are satisfied that the individual featured, is not a police officer.”

Perhaps ominously for Darren, the spokewoman added: “Enquiries will continue to establish potential criminality.”

The clip begins with the back of a man with “Police” emblazoned on the back of a black uniform.

As the camera swings round, the man can be seen to be holding a plate with white powder and a card on it.

He says: ““Having to f test the purity of it all the time man.”

He then snorts the powder and faces the camera with his uniform, police badge, cuffs, and baton clearly in sight, saying: “This is actually no bad. This is actually no bad.”

Facebook users commented underneath the video, with some still questioning whether it features a real officer.

Nathan Howes wrote: “I reckon he may have got sacked.”

Brandon Healey said: “Reckon that’s real?”

However, most had clocked on that the video was fake.

Jamie Jones wrote: “Not a policeman. Not the right uniform and no badge numbers.”

Mark Fleming added: “Defo not a real fed. Fancy dress I’m saying.”

Edinburgh College have not responded to requests for comment four days after they were first asked.

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