Video shows petrolhead’s last-minute off-road event 4X4 made from Fiesta and tractor wheels for £84


HILARIOUS video shows how a petrolhead made his own 4X4 off-roader using a Ford Fiesta and tractor wheels – for £84.

4x4 car on dirt track
Charlie created the machine when his deal to buy a Land Rover fell through

Charlie Burns created the incredible machine so that he could enjoy the thrills and spills of a very muddy and wet off-road event.

But the 25-year-old had to improvise at the last minute when his deal on a Land Rover Discovery fell through at the last minute.

So Charlie, who buys and sells cars for a living, took a 15-year-old Fiesta, worth £80, and four vintage tractor wheels worth £1 each and created his amazing hybrid.

Charlie, from Nuneaton, Warwickshire, spent about five hours adapting the Fiesta so he could fit the wheels, including having “some steering” on the front.

Video shows his strange creation ably tackling steep, muddy slopes and deep water on the Pay and Play event in Leicestershire.

Other footage was filmed from inside the head-turning car after the clutch finally gave up the ghost and needed a tow to safety at the event on Sunday.

Mr Burns shared the pictures and video to social media on the same day with the caption: “The wheels all stayed on which surprised me.

Car blows up sand while driving
Testing the vehicle proved a big success

“But, the clutch didn’t last all that long which didn’t surprise me. All in, a good day’s fun.”

Toby Douglas wrote under Charlie’s post: “Feeling a mixture of wtf and impressed with a hint of why the f**k am I awake watching this.”

Daniel Cardenas wrote: “When someone asks, ‘what’s the biggest rims a Ford focus can fit’, I’ll show them this.”

The car recieved a lot of attention at the petrol station

Neil Wildman said: “No turning circle, no suspension rake. But 10 out of 10 for effort”.

Charles Langhor posted: “How the f*** do you turn?”

Lucie Morris joked: “Wagon wheels”.

Kane Blakemore added: “It looks like a remote control car”.

Speaking today Charlie said: “ Let me make it clear I’m not a total idiot – I wasn’t expecting this to work very well at all.

Charlie also custom-designed a ‘boatzuki’ for the Henley Royal Regatta on the Thames

“If I’m honest the way the gearing works with such big wheels the clutch never stood a chance. I was happy it got as far as it did.

“I had spaced the front wheels out with another set of car wheels just so I had some steering available to me. It was that wide by the end it only just fitted on the recovery truck.

“I also got a lot of attention at the petrol station and on the drive to and from the event.