Jane Park claims pervy footy fans spied on her as she stripped to thong and silky nightie


EUROMILLIONS winner Jane Park claims football fans watched through her window as she stripped into a “thong and silk nightie”.

The 24-year-old from Edinburgh said she screamed and pulled the blinds down as fans chanted: “Get you t**s out.”

But some of Park’s followers on social media have reacted with scepticism to the story, which she posted on Twitter last night (wed).

Park, the UK’s youngest Euromillions winner at 17, wrote: “I just got stripped into just my thong then my silk nightie in my room with the light on, blinds up, and there’s football fans outside staring in!”

Jane Park said football fans watched her through her window as she stripped into a “thong and silk nightie”.

She added: “Screamed, pulled down the blind and now they are shouting/chanting, ‘One more look one more look’ and ‘Get your t**s out’. Na help.”

Mavzer Turan was among those to take the post a face value, commenting: “Disgusting.”

Others, including Michael Aronoffsky, appeared to relish the scene, writing: “What a visual that is.”

And a Twitter user called @i_lovepanties wrote: “Damn wish we could see you in your sexy panties.”

Some Twitter users reacted with skepticism.

Many others questioned Park’s claim, including @jamestriplett1 who uploaded a pie chart picture asking: “Did this happen?” The chart was filled in to show an 80% “no” and 20% “no but in yellow”.

Scott Campbell posted a gif of 50 cent with the caption: “That didn’t happen.”

Claire Mcaulay also uploaded a gif saying: “Sure, Jan.”

It’s been rumoured that Jane, who became a millionaire aged 17, is going to be a contestant for this year’s Love Island.

Park also hit the headlines earlier this month when she posted about her very suggestive baking session.

One of her cake creations was decorated with the phrase “BJ queen” along with a winking face.