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Hilarious moment driver and cyclist block street and swap insults in dispute over right of way

HILARIOUS video shows a driver and cyclist block a road as they swap insults over who had right of way.

The cyclist rages that the motorist’s “three-tonne” vehicle failed to give way for his “tiny” bike.

The driver is furious at the cyclist’s very bright strobing light and the fact he “barged” his way down the street.

As trapped drivers start to sound their horns in frustration, the pair start to swap insults with the driver claiming the cyclist is probably “unemployed”.

The cyclist, before reluctantly backing down, claims the driver has a “f screw loose”.

The biker began yelling at the driver claiming “all motorists are p***ks”

The clip is thought to have been filmed in Shoreham, West Sussex, and was uploaded to a public Facebook page dedicated to bad driving on Tuesday.

It was subsequently removed but not after dozens of viewers had commented, most of whom judged the “fat pr**k” cyclist at fault.

It appears the clip was posted by Steve Bartholomew, although it is now known if he filmed it.

The caption stated: “As I am in the business of making enemies at the moment I came upon this road hog of a cyclist.

“This man thought cause he was a wide load, he could barge his way through.

“I am losing faith in people fast and a damn shame it wasn’t just me on my own.

The biker refused to move, leaving traffic sounding their horns.

“But if you see this post thanks for making my eleven-year-old child scared with your swearing Mr Angry.”

The clip begins when the man filming gets out of his vehicle and confronts the man on bike, who can already be heard yelling that he too is filming.

Behind the biker, a car with its headlights on can be seen sat still and waiting.

The biker says: “Have a bit of respect for the smaller user of the road.”

An argument ensues with the driver accusing the biker of barging out.

The biker loses his patience and starts yelling: “You’re a three tonne vehicle, I’m in a little tiny bicycle.”

The driver replies: “Don’t shout at me fella.”

The biker responds: “You’re obviously not listening because you’ve got a f screw loose.”

The driver asks the biker to stop swearing and “goading” him, but the biker only gets angrier, making the the claim that “all motorists are pr**ks”.

Finally the man on the bike left, but not after being told by another female driver: “And pay your f***ing road tax.”

They start arguing about wages with the biker saying that he could be unemployed for all the driver knows.

The driver responds: “You probably are.” He accuses the biker commiting a road traffic offence, by having a light that is too bright and flashing, and again says he barged in the way.

Cars begin queueing up and sounding their horns as the row goes on.

The driver who has been filming goes up to another road user, saying: “He won’t f move.”

He approaches the biker again who is now in mid-row with a woman in her car.

Finally the biker can be seen moving off, as the woman shouts to him: “And f pay your road tax.”

Facebook users were mostly critical of the biker and his behaviour.

Ian Thomas wrote: “He’s a f class clown.”

Kurt Lander said: “What a big fat cyclist.”

Shane Braithwaite commented: “Fat pr**k needs a good slap.”

Adam Adams remarked: “Cyclists are the biggest pain on the roads, Start paying road tax like we all do, then you have the right to speak up. Otherwise shut up and ride on the bumpy pavements.”

Warren Warrington wrote: “You should both grow a pair.”

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