“I f****** hate Glasgow uni students” Fed-up traveller posts video of undergrads planking on subway

The video was captured on Glasgow’s subway

HILARIOUS video shows a gym owner’s despairing response to a pair of student show-offs who planked on a subway train for 15 minutes.

Andy Graydon was on Glasgow’s underground when the two women decided to perform the exercise move between seats.

The giggling pair held their position for seven stops as Andy and other unimpressed locals did their best to ignore them.

Reflecting the city’s sometimes uneasy relationship with undergraduates at the elite Russell Group institution, Andy posted his clip with the caption: “I f hate Glasgow Uni students, man.”

The video begins with a shot of two girls appearing to do the ‘planking’ exercise between the old orange subway seats that are aligned on either side of the carriage.

Andy then turns the camera towards him to show his barely-concealed contempt for the students’ antics.

Abby Crombie said: “I give you permission to end my life if I ever turn into that.”

@KateAbes commented: “This is grim.”

Andy showed off his frustration during the video

@LordImmunitas commented: “There’s definitely an instagram story somewhere of them aw ‘being totes random on the underground guys lol.’”

@anisatlnd commented: “I would of kicked them.”

One Twitter user asked why Andy wasn’t praising them for the act.

Ryan McCuaig said: “Looks like a decent plank there. Surely you should be encouraging this as a trainer.”

The video was uploaded to Twitter where it amassed thousands of views

Andy later added that the students kept up the position for seven stops.

“They did it the whole way from Bridge Street to Hillhead,” he wrote.

This is not the first time students of the fourth-oldest English-speaking university in the world have managed to irritate their hosts.

The “Glasgow uni” accent – a type of “posh” Scottish accent – has prompted much gnashing of teeth in the city.

Some social media users shared other platforms the students appeared

The accent has previously been described as having heavy pronunciation of the letter ‘t’ and every sentence ending with a question.

Words such as ‘really’, ‘such’ and ‘so’ is also common vocabulary within the ‘Glasgow uni’ accent.

In 2016, comedian Limmy posted: “My six year old son has got himself a Glasgow Uni accent.

“Might take him to the doctors. Don’t know what else to do.”