Image shows “death wish” driver’s car with tiny bit of snow scraped off windscreen


POLICE have released an astonishing image of a “death wish” driver’s car after they cleared a tiny patch of snow from their windscreen.

The pictures depict a black Ford Fiesta completely covered in snow, with tiny spaces cleared on the front and back windows, which also appear to be frosted over.

The car was pulled over by police officers on the A9 in Thurso earlier this morning, where “appropriate action” was taken against the driver.

Since being posted just after 10am, Facebook users have also highlighted how dangerous this is.

Thurso snow driver pulled over Police
The driver was pulled over int he early hours of Tuesday morning

The Met office have a yellow weather warning in place for the area until Wednesday morning following heavy snowfall over the past week.

Taken by cops on the scene, the images show how the car was layered with snow across the top of it.

The first picture shows a tiny square being cleared for the driver’s side of the car, whilst the rest of the windscreen is covered with snow.

An image taken from the back of the car shows an even smaller patch being cleared, which appears to have been made by a the back windscreen wiper.

Police uploaded the images with a message asking commuters to take care when driving in these conditions.

Thurso snow driver pulled over Police
The back window also appeared to not have much visibility

They said: “Winter has been biting for most of us this week, which means it is more important than ever that your vehicle is suitably prepared for the roads.

“Unfortunately not everyone follows this advice – officers on patrol stopped this car which was being driven on the #A9 at #Thurso in the early hours of this morning.

“Appropriate action has been taken against the driver in relation to road traffic offences.

“It is important before you set off to make sure your windows are clean, properly demisted and clear of all snow and ice before you drive.

“Also make sure that your roof is clear of snow as this affects drivers behind you and can also cause obstructions on your windscreen when braking.

“Winter road safety is not just about clearing your windows – take special care that brakes, tyres, lights, batteries and wiper blades are in good condition and well maintained. In addition, washer bottles need to contain an additive to stop the water from freezing.

“Be aware of the forecast before you set off and if the weather or road conditions are poor or dangerous then consider whether you really need to travel right away.”

The post has now racked up more than 750 likes and over 500 shares.

Thurso snow driver pulled over Police
Facebook users asked if the driver had a “death wish”

There was also more than 400 comments where shocked by the driver’s attempts to clean their window.

Agnieszka M?ochowska said: “This is lazy at an amazing level. Takes 5 minutes to get this done.”

Ryan Forbes commented: “Priceless.At least they made a small window. Could of been worse,head stuck out drivers door window driving along.”

Pat Harwood said: “Whatever happened to basic common sense.”

Donna Wellburn said: “Clearly this driver had a death wish! Thank god they were stopped before causing an accident and possibly ruining/ending someone’s life.”