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“What an oxy-moron” MP shares bizarre hate mail rant full of carefully self-censored obscenities

AN MP has shared baffling hate mail which the sender packed full of obscenities but then carefully censored.

The message to Kirsty Blackman contains nine swear words – five f****, three c**** and one b*******.

Oddly, every one of the swear words has been censored by the sender by using the first letter and replacing the rest with asterisks.

Mrs Blackman, who represents Aberdeen North, shared the “PG family- friendly” hate message on Twitter earlier this morning [thu].

The message Mrs Blackman received was barely literate but self-censored

The sender was furious at Mrs Blackman for comments she had made about a soft Brexit and fired off a barely literate but carefully self-censored rant.

It read: “just seen you took a load of f****** b*******on the BBC saying how you want the softest brexit possible

“I tell you what vegetable number one your complete c**** number two why don’t you f**** off to Europe and house a refugee while you’re at it and you trying to stop 17.4 million you want to leave

“leave means leave you deluded f* Scottish c hard brexit hard brexit hard brexit f*** you f*** you c***

“why don’t you and Scotland leave England and be part of Europe and how’s all the refugees take Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott with you”

The email received a standard automatic reply which the politician later described as “a little too polite”.

Social media users were baffled by the sender’s odd censorship

But several social media users were more struck by the sender’s peculiar sensibilities.

@gingercw123 wrote: “A stranger to grammar, but with the curiously coy sensibility to asterisks the obscenities. What an oxy-moron…”

@dontlookbach commented: “Did they self-censor all those swears? Very thoughtful of them.”

@nepitunes wrote: “I love how they made their hate speech PG family-friendly, the use of censorship here, at least there’s that. The yoons are getting insecure now.”

@CrowSNP added: “Surprised he can spell asterisk.”

Social Media users were baffled by the sender's self-censorship
Social Media users were baffled by the sender’s self-censorship

Others commented on the content, including @bazscot, who wrote: “There’s some strange aphasia that replaces the punctuation part of the brain with pure racism.”

@kennyhegney posted: “That is an actual a stream of consciousness. Wow. What a spanner.”

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