Gorgeous guide dog gets “official” ID badge at owner’s workplace


A GUIDE dog has become an “official” member of staff at her owner’s work after getting her own photo ID badge.

Frances Maguire’s pooch, Yara, has gone viral after being receiving her official work badge, which attaches neatly to her collar.

A co-worker of Frances’, Louie Mitchell-Grimes, shared pictures of the adorable labradoodle, which have melted the hearts of Twitter users.

He captioned the post: “There’s a partially sighted woman in ma work and her guide dog has being given an ID card like everyone else.”

Guide dog gets ID badge for work
Five-year-old Yara posting with her ID

The pictures were taken at the premises of Wescot Credit Services in Glasgow, where five year-old Yara looks chuffed with her new badge.

One image shows her posing for the camera with the ID badge wrapped around her neck.

The following picture then shows a close up of the badge showing Yara’s name and also Frances, from Blantyre, South Lanarkshire, listed as “owner,” although this was blurred up on the zoomed in version.

Louie’s post of France’s adorable K-nine has gained more than 17,000 likes on Twitter and over 2000 retweets.

There was also over 100 comments about the post, which was also by Frances on her Facebook page.

This included Frances and Louie’s employers, Wescot, who shared the picture.

They said: “Next candidate for ‘colleague of the month.’”

Twitter user ‘Tara’ said: “This is the best thing I’ve seen all day.”

Guide dog gets ID badge for work
One social media user asked does Yara “clock in?”

Megan Anderson commented: “Omg naw how cute.”

Rosie Pybus said: “Does she have to clock in and out for pee breaks?!”

Joanna Turnbull said: “Yara looks very pleased with herself. She should have been on the stage.”

Chloe Meechan commented: “Omg I love this she’s amazing!”

Sylvia Elwin said: “Way to go Yara.”

Sharyn Sn commented: “As always! She’s following in her predecessor’s footsteps and being famous!”