Hilarious moment man’s head makes classic “cartoon” noises as a shoes bounces off


HILARIOUS footage shows the moment a shoe chucked at a dad’s head makes a classic “cartoon” noise as it bounces off.

Craig Coleman, from Glasgow, filmed footage of the Stepfather, John, suffering two shoes throw in his direction.

The second shoe hits him straight on the noggin, making a hilarious ‘donk’ noise as it ricochets of his forehead.

The video was posted by Craig on Tuesday and has since racked up more than 50,000 views.

He captioned the post: “Why does it sound like a cartoon when it hits his heed.”

The clip begins with a shot of Craig’s cousin, Jay, in a black t-shirt holding up a white trainer as he prepares to belt it across the other side of the room.

The camera then pans to the Dad lying on the couch with a football top on.

A white trainer is then thrown at him and lands on his stomach, causing him to let out a long groan.

The video has more than 50,000 views

Suddenly a black shoe then appears out of nowhere and whacks him right on the head, sounding like something straight of Looney Tunes.

He then reaches towards his head in agony and also wriggles his legs back and forth before as the room burts into laughter as the video ends.

The clip has also racked up more than 600 retweets and multiple comments.

Darren Miller commented: “You’re p** yourself at that aren’t you.”

There was also a comment left by the world’s first online magazine, Toons Mag, who appeared to approve the clip.

They said: “Like it! We would like to invite you to visit our cartoons.”