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Stay Safe with these 5 Fire Pit Safety Tips


Fire pits are one of the most sought after design elements requested by UK homeowners for their backyard. Stay warm during cool summer nights while cooking for your friends and family, the idea of fire pits sounds great. Undeniably, fire pits are a great entertaining addition to your outdoor garden space, but the key to enjoying is staying safe. So, here we look at those 5 basic but very important fire pit safety tips one should consider.

  • Location

An area in your outdoor space which is wide open and unobstructed by overhanging branches or trees, you should choose the area wisely. The fire pit should ideally be away from wooden decks, fences, plants and neighbour’s yard. Covered patios or canopies are a big no-no.

  • The right fuel

Gas operated fire pits allow you minimum mess. However, you need to be cautious while choosing the fuel. Propane gas makes for a quick lighting solution. At Brooks Rattan Garden Furniture , you will find extensive variety of gas operated fire pit dining sets which are designed to ensure maximum safety.

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  • Avoid using fuel accelerants

Stay away from fuel accelerants like lighter fluid as an accidental spill may even cause an explosion and also uncontrollable fire situations. Moreover, such fire accelerants release toxic fumes too and so not advisable from health perspective too.

  • Keep an eye on weather report

Windy days can play a spoil sport and so it is better to get the weather report before hand and plan your outdoor parties accordingly. Fire can unexpectedly spread and cause damage to life and property. Moreover, it is important to also take a note of any “no burn” announcement from the government in order to check the carbon dioxide level.

  • Use fire screen for extra safety

To make sure that the fire is in the fire pit and not elsewhere, fire screens come quite handy. At Brooks, we offer our gas operated fire pit dining sets fitted with glass screen that cut down the chances of spread of fire. The glass is heat resistant and can be removed as and when needed. So, you can invest in such dining sets with no worries and add warmth and comfort to your party.

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At Brooks Rattan Garden Furniture, our fire pit dining sets are designed keeping in mind all the above considerations and so offer a beautiful and relaxing experience to you and your guests every time. Ranging from 4 to 8 seats, square, rectangular or oval shaped, these dining sets will make your evening with friends and family more memorable. Constructed from premium and weatherproof HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) rattan, these stylish and highly functional fire pit dining sets are available in our highly popular Champagne and Serena range.

The heat adjustable gas fire pit fitted in the middle of the glass top table comes with a removable heat resistant glass cover for enhanced security. Some units also come with storage wherein you can store your fuel bottles and other items. The gas fire pit is constructed from high quality 304 and 201 mixed stainless steel and can heat up to 12Kw and on the top our entire fire pit dining range is CE registered for safety compliance.

Invest in the very stylish and maintenance free fire pit dining sets with all the safety features incorporated to make your dining experience memorable.