Moment stolen car with false plates does handbrake turn next to primary school close to home time


SHOCKING video shows the moment a joyrider handbrake turns a stolen car just 30 metres from a primary school entrance.

The car hits railings outside the gates of the school before speeding off, followed by cheering yobs in two vehicles.

The incident happened at 3pm when most children at Stanville Primary, Birmingham, were likely to be preparing to leave for the day.

Jason George, 36, from Birmingham, shared his video to Facebook with the caption: “This happened outside a school at 15.00, watch behind the red Fiat.

“Vauxhall Zafira speeds around a blind bend losing control and smashing into the railings, followed by two others cars with them all laughing and cheering him on.”

In the short clip, filmed on January 21, a woman crosses the junction moments before the Zafira skids sideways into the road.

Although the view is partially blocked by another vehicle, the Zafira can be seen suddenly stopping as it sideswipes railings.

As the car drives past Jason, a man in one of the following cars sticks his head out of the window to cheer.

The video was shared on Facebook showing the car crashing into railings

Speaking today (Mon), Jason said: “The driver handbraked the car around a blind corner and smashed into the railings outside the school gates.

“The car was being followed by two other cars and all the drivers were laughing, he was lucky a car was not coming the other way.

“I did report it to the police but had no response. The car has since been found and recovered so at least it’s off the streets.”

He added: “It’s people like this that kill innocent people, not themselves. There could of been a parent getting a child out the car and he comes around the corner like that.

The incident took place in the Sheldon area near Birmingham

“They were all laughing like it’s a joke. This isn’t Grand Theft Auto – it’s real life. People die because of these people.”

The same day police in the Sheldon area of the West Midlands revealed they had seized a Zafira of the same colour.

The vehicle was stolen and had false plates.

They added: “Also recovered from inside were other VRM [vehicle registration mark] plates which have been used in crime.

“Further enquiries underway.”