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Mum shows off hilarious result of forgetting son’s £90 jumper is on washing line in -8C temperatures

A SCOT has shared hilarious footage of what happened when a jumper was left on the washing line for too long in freezing conditions.

Dianne Melville meant to leave her 18-year-old son’s garment outside for an hour to let it “air” but remembered it was outside six hours later.

Footage shows the jumper, worth £90, frozen completely solid with the arms in a “hands up” posture and icicles hanging from the neck and cuffs.

Dianne, from Airdrie, North Lanarkshire, shared the clip online with the caption: “This really has not been my day lol.”

Temperatures plummeted to as low as -8C in the area at the time.

£90 jumper freezes during cold snap
David’s jumper had been left out for six hours

In the clip, Dianne, 49, giggles as the jumper is hold up for display before admitting: “David this is your Abercrombie and Fitch pure wool jumper that I hung out.”

In the video, her 63-year-old husband, John, shows off the frozen garment, even putting his black glove behind one of the icicles so it can be clearly seen.

She adds: “Supposed to be for an hour, to get a bit of air about it. Sorry pal.”

In her post on Thursday, the day of the disaster, she explained: “I washed it on the wool wash so the water was pouring out of it. Meant to hang it out for an hour, that was six hours ago.”

Holly Barnes responded online: “Dianne! Dying! You are a rocket.”

£90 jumper freezes during cold snap
The jumper even had icicles coming from it

Lorraine Fraser said: “Haha too funny.”

Sandra Pollock commented: “Omg, howling here.”

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