“Was he dealing eggstasy” Police mugshot of drug dealer with amazingly oval head sparks hilarity


A BUNGLING drug dealer has been mercilessly ridiculed online after a police mugshot showed he has an perfectly egg-shaped head.

The hilarious snap of Aadil Nazir prompted a series of hilarious egg gags as social media users spotted his notably oval noggin.

One wag asked if the 24-year-old from Birmingham had been dealing “eggstasy”.

Nazir and Ikram Mahmood, 23, also from Birmingham, were jailed on January 25 for dealing class A drugs.

Facebook users left a barrage of egg-based puns and jokes on West Midlands Police Facebook page.

The hapless pair were behaving so suspiciously they were reported by a member of the public to the police, who found them carrying their drugs, cash and several mobiles.

The mugshot of Nazir sparked hilarity online after it was posted by West Midlands Police.

Peach Roberts wrote: “Dealing drugs, what did they eggspect?”

Lorraine E Jones replied: “Doubt the police would have bothered if he was a poacher.”

The two “bungling” dealers were caught after a member of public saw them acting suspiciously and reported them to police.

Tu Nguyen said: “I guess you could say it went a bit pear shaped for at least one of them?”

Joanne McClelland wrote: “Was the guy on the left dealing eggstasy?”

Toni Austin said: “Is it me, or is that bloke’s head on upside down?”

Pete Moloney commented : “He looks like the the fella that beat me at at Wii Tennis.”

Nearly 1000 users liked the top comment.

Jason Harrison wrote: “Since when did Mr Potato Head have a beard.”

Claire Coley said: “Congratulations WMP on arresting Mr Kinder Egg on the left. Please be sure to not let him out in our shops for Easter.”

And Gina Courtney commented: “As soon as I seen that head I knew I had to read the comments.”

In a caption above the shots of the two, West Midlands Police wrote: “#Jalied. Two men have been jailed for supplying Class A drugs across the West Midlands thanks to a call from a concerned member of the public who alerted police to their suspicious behaviour.”

Users were creative and expanded beyond egg-based puns for humour.

Mahmood, and Nazir, were both arrested in Oldbury, West Midlands, on Friday August 18.

The duo were noted to be acting suspiciously and on arrival police found a quantity of class A drugs, cocaine and crack cocaine, cash, and several phones.

The two were found guilty at Wolverhampton Crown Court, on January 25, being jailed a total of 12 years.

Mahmood was jailed for five and a half years, which included a 12 week activation of a previous suspended sentence.

Nazir was jailed for six years and eight months for his involvement in supplying crack cocaine and cocaine.