“I’d claw your head off!” What drunk pensioner told cabbie after 30p fare hike


A TAXI driver has released a recording of the moment an elderly, drunk passenger threatened to “claw his head off” after his fare went up – by 30p.

Ian Kennedy tells the disbelieving man he owes a grand total of £4.23 for the journey to his home in Falkirk.

The incredulous passenger claims he has never paid over £4 for the journey.

And he is not remotely interested in Ian’s protestations that the 30p hike is down to the local council and not him.

The unidentified passenger reluctantly digs out the fare and tells Ian: “I wish I was f***ing younger, I’d claw your f***ing head off.”

Ian, 51, from Falkirk, posted the video on his Facebook page with the caption: “What happens when you miss the Tariff One curfew, an extra 30p.”

In the video, which shows the view out of the windscreen, Ian pulls up outside the man’s destinationand tells him the fare will be £4.23.

The passenger replies: “You’re having a f laugh son.”

Waving aside Ian’s attempt to explain he rages: “I dinnae pay nothing like this.

“I’m no f asking the council. I’m telling you right now, I’m no asking the council.

“You said £4.30, I’ve never paid this in my life and I’ve been coming here for years. I never paid anything over four quid. £3.90.”

Begrudgingly handing over the money he says: “Just give me the f change.”

The passenger claimed he had never paid more than £4 for the journey.

Ian replies: “Here’s your change. Dinnae swear.”

After the passenger says “Right I’ll catch you some other day or I might never”, Ian can’t help responding: “I hope not.”

The passenger rages: “You’re a cheeky man, you’re a cheeky young man, sir. I wish I was f***ing younger, I’d claw your f***ing head off.”

One amused viewer responded: “It’s a good job my wife’s family are Scottish because a few years ago I wouldn’t have had a clue what was being said in this video.”

Another commenter added: “Just think, there’s a lucky lady inside a house there that gets to snuggle up to him every night.”

Taxi driver, Ian, tapes audio to keep himself right.

Ian said the council fare change “puts an extra 30p on his fare”.

“He wasn’t a very happy person, not enough change and had to break a £5 note instead of the usual shrapnel given,” he added.

“You’ve got to keep a cool head. It’s not the first time a customer has complained about a taxi driver’s attitude. That’s why I tape audio to keep myself right.”